A great kick off to February 

Happy February everyone woo…hoo.. What a great night night a Burdines. This is my story when we arrived here in Marathon a life time ago. We meet a guy (Ty) who we call Tennesse because he always wears a base ball cap with the orange T for Tennessee.  Tennessee is one of our favorite states. Tennessee works for Book Key Harbor and when we go in to pay our water bill or something we always say hello to him. After talking to him we found out he plays in a band on Wednesdays at Burdines and Fridays at Castaways. Weeks have gone by and we just haven’t made it up to hear them play. The weather has been horrible and they play some what outside. Well, the weather was good and the night was perfect. We made it up to hear the band. Totally unbelievable it was music to my ears.. Cory Young is the lead vocalist his voice is magical. We purchased his first CD (electronically) I don’t have a CD player on the boat. LOL

Anyway soon you will be able to purchase Cory Young’s CD on line from Apple.  

Tennessee singing his Chicken song..


This me posing with one of the Corys. He plays bass guitar. Very nice person; there are two Corys in this band.


They played a song called Ship Faced…… I think I was doing a great job feeling good.. Sh.. Face LOL🍻


Music to my ears👂🏼👂🏼

 Bryce posing with a couple we met.


Burdines was a standing room for awhile…Cory & the guys bring in a crowd on Wednesday night. Me with Lorie & Mike; other Sailors here in Boot Key Harbor.


Also so far this month we have enjoy a night out with Roy & Denise on Tuesday we went to Hurricanes for 1 $ taco night. It was a great night with a great couple and tacos. 


We had to say goodby to Marline & Mike as they headed to the Bahamas a few days ago. We had a awesome night with the two of them. We actually meet them in Mobile Alabama when we were there getting our mast back up. Safe voyage my friends see you soon.

Bryce is just plain relaxing on the beach…. 

Sombrero Beach; they need a seaweed eater. 


Sandy is in the blue hat and Herman in the white shirt they are the Captain & Admiral of Bonita from Ontario Canada. They serenaded me with Happy Birthay along with their friends visiting from Ontario. 🎂  Thank you all; you helped make it a beautiful day. 


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