Local Floura and fauna 

Well, as many of you are dealing with snow & cold we are getting more rain & winds. But the other day we were able to spend the day at Sombrero beach. It was windy but it was worth the relaxation. Just as we were getting our chairs in place Bryce noticed this green iguana climbing a tree. We have been seeing them; but don’t ever seem to be fast enough to capture a photo. Wahoo.. the camera was on top of the bag.. Bryce ran over to get a picture of the iguana.  This guy’s body is about 1 foot long.  Tail is another 18 inches.

“The safe thing for me to do is to get away from this human”


“What he is still down there I better put it in high gear”


“Ahh…I’ll hide in the leaves he won’t see me”

Bryce was so excited he finally was able to snap a shot. We were told many boaters in the marinas will find these sun bathing on their boats.

“I made it…..I’ll just wait here till he leaves”


I wonder how many people get hit in the head by a coconut…

I think this blog is going to the birds… This poor girl kept getting dive bombed by these seagulls  


 I have never bird watched before but I am seeing some neat looking birds


I wonder how many times I have seen this guy…his eyes seems to follow me.


“Um..this is boring think I’ll go back and dive bomb that girl…”LOL


Well, it was fun on the beach. 


Walking along the beach was fun.  This Portuguese man-of-war was washed up on the beach. I heard they have one heck of a sting if you get nailed by one.


We see these floating all the time they are some type of jellyfish.


A very Big Thank you to Judy & Steve for having us over for dinner. What a great night it was. Our dinner was delicious.  We met this couple up on the Tom Bigbee water way last year.


Another great photo of celebrating our birthdays: Jane & Marylin.  Mike, Bryce and me.. I might be a tad happy…Marylin, Steve & Judy… It was a great night.  Mike and Marylin just recently crossed to the Bahamas.


Congrats to our nice Destiny who just birth to her son Kentley in January.


4 thoughts on “Local Floura and fauna 

  1. Sombrero beach, Nice place to laze around. Nice Kayak ride to it from your boat. We were there many times. And Burdines was a normal haunt. Fun Hope the weather gets better but you sure do look tan. Enjoy the ice cream LOL


  2. You got a lot of great pictures! Those jelly fish look so cool in the water. Congrats to Destiny and family! I can see it’s not especially warm there, because you’re in long pants, long sleeves and jackets. That’s crazy! El Niño doesn’t seem to be having the same affect on your weather as here. It’s been a very mild winter up here.

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  3. In late May, George Burgess, director of the Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File and a noted shark researcher, was quoted as saying, “Falling coconuts kill 150 people worldwide each year, 15 times the number of fatalities attributable to sharks.” Hey Jane found this, Heads up!!!!

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