A Bike Ride Down to Seven Mile Bridge

I use to sit and wonder what would I do on this trip when I got restless. I am getting to the point that if this weather doesn’t change…I am getting tired of being trapped here. The good news is we are getting a car on Friday and going to the Miami Boat show. We finally received our jet ski title and registration now we are only waiting for Beauty’s new updated registration any day now so we will be looking for our window of opening to cross the Gulf Stream to Bahamas☺️
This is the Atlantic Ocean with two sailboats anchored in her. 

 I am so looking forward to this Saturday, my wonderful husband is driving me 225 miles one way back up to Naples Florida to Gloss Salon to get my hair done. Nadia Aleksen is one of the stylists. Her work is fabulous💇🏼, enough of my hair. LOL
Hello Nadia, I am on my way back💇🏼 it has been two months already..I must look good in the Bahamas….💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 

 Food: We have heard so much about food in the Bahamas. If you need groceries you need to make provisions before you leave. One case of beer could cost $60 dollars. For some reason beer is expensive but they say liquor is cheap. If we are not there when the boat comes in with fresh food you will have to settle for Bruised fruit and veggies. Meats are the same way. Maybe I’ll loose some weight. 

  A few days ago, I spent the day baking Oatmeal Raisin cookies for my honey. He polished off all 4 dozen in two days. 

 After, a few hours we got a break in the weather and took a bike ride down to seven mile bridge. It’s the longest bridge that connects to Key West. Here is a picture of the bike and walk bridge.  

 I think a cloud was over Bryce….LOL the bridge we rode our bikes on use to be a train track. It travels next to the 7 mile bridge. This portion of the bike path is only two miles long. There is a cut in it so sailboats and power boats can cross from the Gulf to the Atlantic ocean or Vice versa.  

 This is a photo of the bike path…from the Gulf side. This shows where they ended the bike path to let boats move under the 7 mile bridge. Between the two bridges is some wicked current. The tide coming in or out will determine the direction of the current.  

 Some friends of ours recommend Sunset restaurant right next to seven mile bridge. It also has a pool you can swim in before or after you eat. The food is really good. If you really want to view the sunset it’s the place to be. 
But it’s a tad to chilly for me to swim…

A long the bike path, we saw this brown iguana going in to the weeds. We didn’t have our camera so we used the cell phone. It was about 4 feet long. 


One thought on “A Bike Ride Down to Seven Mile Bridge

  1. You guys look so tanned! That looks like it was a good day. The bicycle ride was good exercise. It’s nice you have the bikes. You guys look great!!! It Was warm here yesterday… Mid 50’s. Supposed to be warm again today. The last couple weeks were cold, it’s nice to have our spring weather back again this winter. Haha. The snow is rapidly melting. Yay! I hope you get some warm, beautiful weather. What’s with that weather down there?!?!? Have fun at the boat show!

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