Miami Boat Show

The Miami Boat Show

   For a city, I really like Miami, it seems to have a lot of neat things to do and a great harbor area. For many years now we thought it would be neat to fly into Miami for the boat show but we really never made the time to do so. This time we are just a hop skip and jump away. It was a somewhat small show; not as big as the Annapolis show we attend in the fall. I just really like walking through all the boats and getting ideas of what my next boat might be like.

    We both really like the Catalinas and we like the Catamarans. This show we focused our attention on the cats. Well, we did walk through the Catalinas. Perhaps they will release a 50 something in the next few years. For those that don’t know, the new 425 is scheduled to show at Annapolis this year. Three staterooms, twin wheels, lighter and faster. We got a data sheet from the St Petersburg boat show. Looks like a nice replacement for the old 42.

      I have to laugh, we keep trying to get a ride on a cat. But we cannot seem to schedule a ride. So we were told to go rent a catamaran for a week. That would tell us if we like it or not. So we stopped at the Moorings booth to see about renting a cat for next year. $7,626.25 for one week, off season. Sounds pretty steep just to decide if we like a cat. So for now, we will pass on getting a ride.  

 Hello this is me. I am posing for Bryce….  
 This is the Lagoon 42 Catamaran. In my opinion the galley is a bit small and not enough closet space.  

One of the over views shots of Miami sailboat show. They separated the power boat show from the sailboat area. I think that was a bad idea. If you wanted to see the power boats you had to shuttle over to another Island. It just took too long and cut down on your time for viewing boats.   
This boat is the one we like. It is a Leopard 40. For us, it seems to have the best layout of all the 40s.   
I would really like to thank Sid Clark and Frank McCarthy for showing us through their cats. Sid was moored a few boats from us on their Lagoon Cat. He showed us the Seawind 1160. Frank showed us the 40 Fountaine Pajot Catamaran.

                                                                                                     Key West For a Hambuger & Beer

We took a drive back down into Key West. It was an enjoyable evening; we stop at a local Brewery and had a few beers & hamburger. We had a great conversation with the manager Bryan & our waiter Bryan; followed by a walk along the board walk. We meet a couple Victoria & George. They had a slip in the marina after being anchored out in the bay for quite sometime. It is always nice to meet people and hear about their adventures and where they are from. We are keeping ourselves busy and getting things done on Beauty. I have to laugh, Bryce took the water jugs into shore to fill them. I decided to take a shower while he was gone. Wouldn’t you know it… while I had shampoo in my hair and cleanser on my face, the shower head decided to break. It went off like a firework explosion . Everything in the the bathroom got drenched. So that gives us another thing to fix. 

The making of the beer in the brewery: 


The beer was delicious 

 Our walk a long the board walk. Hum…that big boat in the back ground looks like it would do in a pinch…LOL 

Look at the dingy doc… A lot of boaters coming in for provisions or dinner.   
Yes, he is drinking a “Crazy Lady with coconut”. 


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