Leaving Boot Key Harbor

The wait is coming to an end Provisioning for the Bahamas have arrived and we have received our registrations. So we are leaving Monday.

After two months in Vaca keys Marathon, it is time to let go of the ball. One might wonder what did we do here for 2 months. It started with the generator needed a capacitor, the mast light had to be replaced, our refrigeration needed to be replaced with an Engel. The boards on the bow holding our cans had to be painted. Our aft nav light broke after Bryce used it for a ladder, and a few more. Our solar panels stopped working all of them. We found out there was a recall and were able to get a full refund and replaced them with rigid ones.  Most importantly, we were waiting for the jet ski and boat registration.

Wow.. They look so much nicer. Great job honey.

Wow.. They look so much nicer. Great job honey.


The dingy had to have the barnacles and scum scrapped off.  
Your getting there sweetie keep scrapping 😂

  I brought Bryce a horn last year for his birthday. He finally installed it. One of the few sailboats with an electric horn. 

 We had to have the Barnacles removed from underneath Beauty’s belly & propeller. Looks like a fuzzy prop. 

 Nice clean propeller after cleaning. 

 This is Beauty’s belly just full of fuzz. Need to get rid of this to allow us to keep our speed up. 

 I love putting my toes in the sand. 

 Yes, We are so ready to continue with our adventure. The weather window looks like we will be pulling out Monday we are sailing non stop to North Bimini to check in. This should take us about 24 hours or around 130 miles from Marathon Boot Key Harbor. I found this photo on line under photo of Bahamas with no credits. 

 We had a grand time making new friends and meeting up with old friends.
Lori, Carolyn, John and me. These are our neighbors from home. They all live directly across the street. I think the whole town of Algonac comes to the keys in the winter. 

 John, Norm, and Bryce 🍺🍺🍺 now we all go on our separate adventures it was very nice to meet up with you all. Be safe in your travels. 

 Bahia State Park store. We stopped in for an ice cream. 

 I like this sand monument 

 Well, Tomorrow is Monday we will be letting go of our ball D-12 here in Boot Key Harbor. We are headed to Bimini. I am praying for good sea legs……and weather.😉

2 thoughts on “Leaving Boot Key Harbor

    1. Yes, we arrived yesterday. It’s so Beautiful here. I can’t receive iMessages just plan text. Check your text setting on your phone. I wasn’t able to text you this morning.


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