We Made It To Bimini Bahamas 

Wow.. I must say, and I am not afraid to say, that when the long awaited day to cross to the Bahamas came I was a bit skittish. It seems like this two in a half months of waiting was just too long. I woke up at 4 a.m. In the morning not able to sleep. I am so restless… Why I don’t know. We had to have George to the vet at 9 a.m. For his bug test. After we fueled up and watered up, it was about 11:50 when we made it to open waters. It was a picture perfect day. 10 knot winds on the beam. We sailed 5-8 knots. If only it would last all night we thought . I sat up on the bow and was enjoying every minute. Bryce and I were so happy to be back out on the waters. 

    Even through the perfect weather didn’t last long it felt great to be back on her again. The the winds dropped to near zero, from behind. And of course the rollers remained on the beam. I felt more like throwing Bryce over board. Life is not always perfect! The worst thing was we couldn’t sail; not enough wind. The main sail had to be lowered as it just flopped. A bit of Genoa was all we could use to reduce the rolling. Bryce just wasn’t happy anymore. But life is still good. 

Sitting and enjoying our first day back on the water. Here we come Bimini 😎. Nothing but open ocean ahead.
  We have been asked how the jet ski tows! Pretty darn awesome. She’s happy to be out.

 They passage took about 20 hours. With no wind, we motored through the night to the Bahamas. Notice I said motored: no wind. But plenty of rollers. Then the long awaited view came into site. You can’t see me but if you could you would noticed I haven’t stopped smiling. 


We waved to Boaters as they were coming out of the Channel and we were going in.


This is apparently a charter dive vessel. Notice the dive flag. Looks like these three guys are going diving.  


Headed to find a place to dock up to so we can go to customs. We passed the locals fishing boat getting ready to go fishing.  


 Had we chosen to go to the south Bimini’s first, we could of come over by this carrier if we wanted to.  

 This is a photo where we are staying for a few nights The Big Game Bimini Marina. This is a picture of the pool area.   

 Looks like someone had a bit of bad luck during one of the storms.   

Ok, time to have some fun! We decided to hop on the jet ski and go exploring. We headed up the west side of North Bimini and came back. Then headed toward Gun Cay. As we adventured out and about, we noticed a Hammerhead shark. We circled around it to get a photo. I had to hold Bryce back he wanted to get a photo underneath with the water camera. This guy was about 1 5 feet long. It dwarfed the jet ski.   

Well we made it over to a nearby island called Gun Cay and North Cat Cay. Where we swam with the Stingrays. Well I should say Bryce took a swim with them. I took above water photos. Bryce took the water camera and had some fun.   
 We noticed a vessel anchoring near Gun Cay Bay it was a couple from Marathon. They are from Germany and are having a great time.   

 This is a photo of me at the time I didn’t realize my lips were burning. Boy does it hurt to smile! I am lucky I found some Aloe VeraGel.  

 Bryce is swimming with the stingrays. I love this under water photo.  

You can see these three rested on the bottom.   
You can see his stinger on his tail. It was very important that we didn’t get hit by his stinger.   

On top of the surface I took photos. This little guy loved to follow me.   
Bryce and I enjoyed petting the stingrays. They like to be rubbed on their under belly. They feel like soft velvet.       
Out in the Great Bahama Bank on the way to Gun Cay, we saw a concrete vessel that self deteriorated and I am sure buy the looks of confetti with help from the human hands.   
This was actually part of the stern you can see the rudder gears.  

 You can still see all the different pulleys for the anchor windlass.  

 It is so huge  

 I noticed these birds walking on a rock island while we were jet skiing by.   
Homes of more affluent Bahamas residents.  
Now this is the good life😎😎

2 thoughts on “We Made It To Bimini Bahamas 

  1. Glad you finally got to the Bahamas, Bimini! Looks great. We are finally seeing spring here as the ice is gone and temps are 50’s. Enjoy the great weather.


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