Jet-Ski Surgery at Harbor Island, Eleutheras, Bahamas

Engineer turned Surgeon for a few minutes.  LOL…. after reading the manual on the jet-ski. The Engineer found out that he could roll the machine over and perform a  Stone removal (Gallstone Removal ).   Just think; reading the manual really helps.  We have always been told never roll a jet-ski on its side. Bryce was still in doubt that this would was going to have any affect on “5”.  That is the name of our Jet ski because it’s our 5th boat on Beauty.  We towed “5” to the beach with the dinghy for fear that if we started her we could do more damage. We prepped the patient Girl.  It was not easy to get an 800 pound patient on her side.

The patient is ready doc.




Time out.. Inspecting the surgery site to make sure he operates on the correct site. Yep; it has been Identified; this is the correct spot.




Surgery was a success!!!! The doc removed what appeared to be a latch off a cupboard door. And then removed a stone looking piece of wood.  These pieces put some nice grooves in the wear ring.  But no significant damage to the impeller. 




Recovery Time.  After the surgery, it was time to close up the patient and take her for a test run.  FIVE IS ALIVE!!!  I was dancing on the beach.




Time to celebrate.. FIVE IS ALIVE!!!




We enjoyed walking the beach after a few beers of course. LOL We saw this Starfish they are big down here in the Bahamas.  Bryce carefully tilted it up a bit to get it out of the sand.  But kept it under water.




Bryce gets a kick out of my pink shoes.. They glow in the water.




I like this rock for some reason.  looks like if you put a glass top on her, it would make for an interesting table




Back at our chairs for a refill.  We talked to these two girls,  Sylvie and Mellissa who rented standup boards and were out enjoying their day.




We decided it was time to head back to Beauty and take the jet ski out for a run. We went to the North part of Harbor Island and meet Captain CJ and his lovely Girlfriend Cynthia Jane.  Happy Birthday Cynthia JaneRed rose




This is a 75 foot Viking that Captain CJ is on. It is really pretty.  Bryce helped CJ with some computer stuff on board.  I enjoyed a few drinks in the back with Cynthia. 




Once again, Thanks for following usIsland with a palm tree  We arrived in the Abacos Bahamas last night.

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