The Pink Beach!! – Harbor Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas

We took the dinghy  into Valentine Marina for lunch.  We asked if we could leave our dinghy there while we explored town.  A nice young man said yes. We went in to the restaurant and I ordered a Pin-a-colada  and chicken quesadilla.  What a great lunch.  There was a couple sitting next to us Renee and Alan. They were from a 60 foot “Jim Smith” designed Sport fishermen.  What a nice day we had. Renee told me about a local bakery with scrumptious bread that I will have to try. We headed out to explore after lunch. First we thought we were going to rent a golf cart to travel the island on; but then Bryce said are you in any challenges on Fitbit? I said of course I am everyday, so we explored by walking. This island is 3 1/2 miles long by 1 1/2 long and it was once the capital of the Bahamas.   Dunmore town is one of the fabled Bahamian hideaways of celebrities; famous for its seclusion and lifestyle.  It’s funny I wouldn’t know if a famous person was sitting next to me.  LOL For all our friends who haven’t been here by boat, the anchorage is quite good. We have had heavy winds and our anchor has held tight.  You must follow your GPS in as there is shoaling.  After leaving here, we will be heading for the Abaco’s on our way back to the states.




The one thing that brought us to this place was to see the pink beach. This is the Pink Sand resort




We walked from the restaurant without a map.  Well actually Bryce took a picture of the map; so it was on his phone.  We came to a V in the road not knowing what side to take we stayed to our left and followed the Valentine Resort Signs to their beach.




I like this sign  “Oh lordly a hill…”




We found it.. I see sand Island with a palm tree.  I suppose it looks a bit pink when the waves wash up.




Now why did I do my hair today.  The winds made short work of my hair.  LOL..  Lets go find the pink sand.




I love the feel of the waves hitting me. I didn’t realize I was out far enough to get my Fanny pack and Fitbit wet. Thank goodness I didn’t soak my Fitbit again; especially since this is my sisters. 




Bryce took his shirt off and placed a hand full of sand on it.  We are looking to see if it looks pink. From where we are standing it looks tan. Just like normal sand.   LOL 




Honey you are not going to see the pink sand that way. LOL  He ended up taking a picture of his shadow.




Yes, I see the pink crystals.  Do you?  It looks tan from a distance; but when you look closely you can see the pink crystals. I am sure the direction of the sun makes a difference also.




Okay, Bahama beer time.  We stopped in at one of the resorts. Of course it was “Pink Sands Resort” and had a local beer called Kalik. I started laughing. Rooms start at $400 a night and two beers cost $17 dollars.  I guess I picked a good day to wear my pearls. LOL




This is our journey walking back to the marina from the pink beach.  We strolled past the local homes.




The water is so clear that we didn’t have to snorkel to see the fish. they even had a shadow.  What kind of fish are these?  They are about 1 foot long.




So what do you think?  I fell in love with this dress. I think Bryce should buy this for me and then take me out for dinner and dancingRed rose  Ok.. I am dreaming againSecret telling smile





Exploring the bay on our Jet-Ski



Well we have spent the last few days anchored out in the bay near Harbor Island. We have had a few wind & rain storms pass throughout this area. Thankfully most of the storms hit at night. The downside is the storms make for a restless sleep. It was time to get some good exploring in while the sun was shining. As we were getting on the jet ski; a sea plane landed in the bay.  We decided we wanted to go see the “Glass Window”. They say it is the most distinctive geological feature in the Northern Eleuthera’s. Unfortunately as we entered the cut to head out, all I could see was a wall of water facing me. I told Bryce to take me back to the boat. This girl wasn’t going to jet ski out there until the winds and waves reduce. We stayed in the bay and found some neat things to share with you all.




It is becoming common to see boats crashed upon shore in the islands.  This sail boat was split in two.  We found parts to this vessel up to a 1/4 mile away.  he stern of the boat is in the left picture.  The bow in the center and the rudder in the right picture.


IMGP1263_thumb IMGP1277_thumbIMGP1254_thumb


We decided to head back to the boat and grab our snorkeling gear. As we head  over to a new area we wanted to check out the government doc because that is where you and put your dinghy when you go into town. Crap… I said look on the beach it was yet another boat on shore and on it’s side. The windows are broken out and it also looks like someone cleaned out the inside. This boat is left here to slowly decay and rot away.




Now, the bad news.  As we where so engrossed  with our surroundings, neither one of us paid any attention to the depth of the water. When all of a sudden we heard something bad in the jets of the jet-ski.Crying face  Bryce leaned over to see if he could see or feel something to pull out of the jet pump. He didn’t feel anything. But the motor sounds like it was chewing up bolts when he gave it the gas.  So we moved no faster then a snail to get the jet-ski back to the boat. Actually, I think a snail could of passed us. LOL




When we arrived back to the boat, Bryce took the main halyard and a line to the port side of Beauty and hosted the rear end of the jet ski up. So he could get to the jet pump inlet and pull out what ever it was inside.  Now, you all know this didn’t happen with out a few choice words and of course a little temperament. As he tried to work on this issue, mother nature decided to share her temperament too by blowing her winds at us and of course rain. Perhaps we sucked in a few stones.  We are down a jet ski till we arrive back to Florida and she sees the jet-ski doctor. I think she might need exploratory surgery.    In jet ski terms, she might have to pass a stone… LOL.  Bryce took a bit of debris from the pump.




You can see the rain that hit us. I am so happy we have a back up dinghy.




Well once again, We cannot thank you enough for following our journey.

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