Manjack Kay, Abacos, Bahamas

After leaving Marsh Harbor, we decided to anchor off Manjack Cay. It was a pretty beach. We expected to snorkel off of the breaker, but the water was just to shallow to get to.  We took our chairs to the beach and enjoyed a few hours there.  We spoke with some other boaters from Florida that were just getting into the Bahamas.  Apparently if you live in Florida you, are able to enjoy the Islands/Cays in the Bahamas all summer long.  Manjack Cay had this beautiful bay with clear waters, white beach and palm trees.  Just our sort of place to anchor at.


In stead of a teaky bar, we noticed a teaky swing.  You can see it in the water just to the right of the small sailboat.  There are a few homes close by so we didn’t interrupt their area of relaxing.




Beauty rested peacefully just off the beach in about 8 feet of water (low tide).  We could see the anchor securely embedded in the white sand at the bottom.




A short distance away, through a winding strait, across quite shallow water was the Atlantic ocean.  The shallow water provided protection from the rollers that were hammering the Atlantic shoals.




We took the dingy, our chairs, umbrella and drinks to lounge on the beach.  Bryce pulled the dingy up to shore while I strolled through the clear water snapping pictures and soaking in the sun.




Palm trees provided a perfect back drop for an afternoon on the beach.




After a bit of relaxing.. I cooled off in the water..




And Bryce went snorkeling..  Quite a few boats in the bay.  This was typical everywhere we went.  It was very rare being anchored alone.  Typically there were 5 to 10 boats in even the remotest locations.  At sunset, it was customary for boaters to honk special conchs by blowing through them.  The power boat in the center back ground played bag pipes over their sound system.




Well I suppose Bryce is done..  He saw various colorful fish and a live Conch.



Thank you all for following us.

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