Allans-Pensacola Cay and Great Sale Cay, Abacos, Bahamas

Allans-Pensacola Cay was a somewhat remote island in the Northern Abacos at the east end of Little Bahama Bank.  We were going to walk the island, but we got in a bit late for exploring.  We anchored with five other neighbors.  We moved in as close to shore as possible in about 8 feet at low tide.  We were well sheltered from the persistent east winds that rarely drop below 10-15 knots.  Our position placed us about 500 feet offshore to allow reversal in wind.




We had a great beach but we were a bit tired to go in.  We were hurrying up through the Abacos to catch a weather window to cross the Gulf Stream.  Its best to catch an east or south wind to go across.  And worst to catch a North wind (against the Gulf Stream current).  West is also not good as it then is on our nose.




On our way to Allans Cay, we came upon another sail boat lost in some past storm.  This was a large boat over 50 feet that presumably was crashed up on the rocks by some huge wave created by the unforgiving Atlantic Ocean in the background.




The late afternoon sun highlighted a small lone sailboat anchored offshore well to our stern.  Perhaps a bit nervous to come in closer.




The next afternoon after Bryce worked, we headed off to Great Sale Cay about 30 miles west.  Great Sale Cay was to be our staging area for a 22 hour run to Fort Pierce Florida.  Great Sale Cay (yes spelling is correct) first  appeared out of the horizon as a small group of rock islands.




A much larger island appeared as we turned south toward our harbor anchorage.  We motor sailed as the east winds were light from behind us.




George was excited to get to our last anchorage in the Bahamas.  He generally comes out of his blanket (towel) as he notices the engine speed reducing. He knows we are about to stop.




As we rounded this point, we spotted the anchorage.  It was a pretty bay with two other boats.  Three more would join us before night fall.  It was very well protected and provided us a quiet night.  Sadly, no beach for us to celebrate our last anchorage in the Bahamas.




We now were ready to celebrate our last night anchored in the Bahamas.  We dialed up Beach Boys on the Nano and blared it across the bay.   Broke out the beers and pretzels and danced on the bow of the boat till dawn.. LOL.. ok.. we stopped at 7:42 PM when the sun went down.  We wanted to hear the blowing of the Conchs to thank the Sun for a great day and the hope of a better day in the morn’.  We gave a few toots on our horn, then the bag pipe boat broke out with their lovely tune.  Below is that boat.. her name is “Adesso”.




Thanks to all for reading our blog..

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