Our Final Sail from the Bahamas to Fort Peirce Florida


The day finally came. After Bryce finished with work we pulled up anchor and started our final sail back to the United States.  As many of you know. LOL.. this will be a nail bitter.  130 miles should be a nearly 22 hours straight sail across the Gulf stream.  We have not yet had a crossing with out rollers, 20-knot winds or no wind with rollers, so I prayedEye rolling smile.  I must say the good lord does listen and heard my prayers.  We have not had such an enjoyable crossing as we did this night. From the time we pulled up the anchor in Sail Cay to the time we entered the inlet to Fort Peirce I was stunned with the beautiful stars and moon.  The stars filled the sky. I don’t know if I have ever seen so many. We had an average 10 knot winds from behind; just enough to fill the main sail and stabilize the boat. The head sail was blocked by the main, so no head sail.  Around 12:30 am, the moon appeared from the East. It’s my candle in the sky.  She shined so bright and lit up our path.  I could not close my eyes all night.  It was like some unbelievable picture that if I closed my eyes it would all disappear.   We don’t have many photos of our crossing but it was amazing.


The view of the water was just breath taking.  I am in love with the many shades of color she shows.  This was taken about half way across Little Bahamas Bank.  Water depth was about 15 feet.  It is always nice to stay on the banks where waves are smaller and rollers are non-existent.




My two boys slept leaving me at the helm once again.  George on the floor on the starboard side; Bryce on the cushion on the port.  Temperature was in the 80s. Well, the auto pilot allows me to step way to take a photo. Camera




The seas are a bit calm.  Only 1-2 foot waves.  Soon the sunsets. The not knowing what will happen when the darkness appears creeps into the back of my mind. It seems like the winds blow hard at night. We can lay in bed almost every night and hear her blowing and howling through the rigging.  What will she do tonight?




Have you ever seen something that was so magical to you?  This was my night.  The night, I have waited for, for so long.  I think my mom shined down from the heavens and helped guide us across the ocean.  I couldn’t close my eyes.  I let Bryce and George sleep while I enjoyed the peaceful ride listening to Kenny G. Tim Mcgraw, and a few other artists.   Waves and rollers were limited to 3-5 feet on the beam.  With a 10 knot wind from the quarter, the boat hardly rolled.




Our final journey through the Bahamas.  The following map is our journey from Marathon Florida through the Bahamas back up to Fort Pierce.  Wait; we are not doneRed rose. Now we embark upon a new adventure heading up the ICW on the East Coast.  The map below shows the places we stopped at.



2 thoughts on “Our Final Sail from the Bahamas to Fort Peirce Florida

    1. Well, I thought it was on the first page.We are a Catalina 400 (40) feet I am Jane and husband Bryce with a cat named George.
      Please let me know if you would like to know more. Jane


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