Fort Peirce, Florida

What a wonderful stop over for provisioning and a car rental. We spent a few days in HarborTown Marina.  We came into the inlet around 10 AM. The tide was low, but plenty of water.  I called two marinas to see if they had any open slips. To my surprise, they both did. We chose Harbortown after the young lady at City doc warned us on the turbulent flow of water in their inlet. Then we discovered they had nothing protecting their marina from winds & waves. Harbortown turned out perfect for us.  We were greeted at dock E-22 by a young man named Ken.   He was a big help. We spent a few hours getting settled in and trying to figure out where customs and car rental was. Ken gave me a paper with numbers for everything we needed.  I was smart; I called customs and answered a few questions. Then she gave me this huge number to report to the local custom officer.  Boy, that made it so much easier. We had 24 hours to make it to the local office at the airport.

I was down inside the boat when I heard voices.  I thought; who is he talking?  Sounds like they know each other.  I peaked my head out to see a young man by the name of Francois (pronounced Fran Swa). We met him and his beautiful wife Sylvie when we were at Normans Cay in the Exumas.  We visited with him for a few minutes. I needed to go pay for our dock.  Francois helped me off the boat. It was a very narrow dock that made me feel like I was going to pass out every time I got off the boat.   With all the states we have been in (Marinas) there are only a few that are as nice as Michigan docks. Francois and I walked toward the harbor master station until he reached his dock.  We agreed we would get together soon.

This is Beauty resting in slip E-22 it has really been 4 months sinse she has had any significant time in a marina.  Other than the short stay in the Bimini marina.




After going to the office, I arrived back to the boat. Bryce said “Can you to go up and see if we can get an adapter from a 50 amp to a 30 amp.” Okay, at this point I took a deep breath and exhaled. No problem dear! I need to get my Fitbit steps in anyways. It was hot and I think we needed lunch.

Here is Harbortown Marina. I just loved this little restaurant.




After we got caught up with everything, we called a taxi to take us to the car renal. It felt good to be in a marina for a few days. We decide we needed to stay awake for a few more hours. So after picking up a car and going to customs, we took a scenic day along the beach area.  I saw my first up close and personal view of a turtle.  Boy, he headed to the weeds when he saw us. I have to laugh; I didn’t know that a turtle could move as fast as he could.




Bryce took me shopping for a new Fitbit after I drowned mine in the ocean. Thank you sweetie.




We walked along a beach area to watch the pelicans dive for fish.  It was breezy, but warm.  Bryce and I forgot to eat so we went into a local restaurant on the water for pizza.  I kept falling asleep. LOL




After heading back, we just could not fight it anymore. We passed out; sleeping 12 hours.  The following day we met up with Francois & Sylvie for drinks. It was so nice to laugh with friends. We got caught up in conversation and didn’t realize the restaurant had been closed for an hour.


Francois and Beautiful Sylvie




Bryce took me to get my hair done again and to visit my sister Janette. We didn’t make it to her home till after dark. But we swam in the pool and had a few drinks and enjoyed her hospitality.

Janette and I



Get this; so we just spent 8-10 weeks with out doing laundry.  I must not have sent back enough clothes if we had enough to for that long. Right! LOL..  So I spent a day doing laundry.  Then we went grocery shopping.  Even though I have a washer & dryer on the boat, I don’t have a water maker.  Another thing to add to the list!  The laundry was a tad expensive $2.75 a load to wash and $3.00 to dry.  But hey, when you need it, its there.  Right!

On the phone talking to our daughter Tami.




Bryce came over to tell me that it was time to go see our friends Francois & Sylvie.  Their boat is getting pulled out. They are leaving it here at the marina while they fly home for hurricane season.  They will come back in November .  Can’t wait to see them again.  Have a great summer in Quebec




The following day it was are turn to pull out of Harbortown- Fort Peirce – and head up the ICW to Sebastian Florida


With the winds a blowing, we untied the lines and proceed up the ICW.  Right after getting into the channel we had our first of many 65 foot bridge to pass under.  I noticed this sailboat of course without its mast being used as a billboard.  Maybe we should call it a sailboard…. wait that term has already been used. LOL




This bridge opens on demand while we were waiting we were passed by Gloria another huge boat.




I forgot crab-pots are back. We don’t need to run over any..





I think we get passed by everyone. No joke! I think we have the slowest boat to paradise.   




Bridges and power lines all have to be 65 feet or taller




This bird must feel safe didn’t even move as we passed by.




Back at looking at homes on the waterfront.  I like this one.  Love the palms trees.




Bryce took this picture.  He says this is me swimming with the dolphins.  Perhaps I need a swim suit.. LOL




To all our follower thanks for following. We enjoy all your comments and questions 

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