ICW- Sebastian to Melbourne Florida

There is nothing like motor-sailing in the rain. I think we have been blessed with rain here for some reason. The rain today seems so peaceful. Boats are sailing in the ICW intercostal waterway. Dauphins are dancing; birds are flying. What a great day and feeling. It appears we see more sea world in the ICW then in the Atlantic Ocean. I see the big difference is the water clarity.  Why does the ICW look like dirty water?  

I noticed this Pelican flying overhead. I think this is the coolest bird. 




The dauphins danced in the back ground. See that tiny fin;  that’s a dauphin Smile




The rain same down so fast we could hardly see the sailboat behind us. I must say again; what an day.  If the rain stops we will put our sails up also. We prefer the visibility when it’s raining. So we have our sails rolled in.  




Boats anchored along the shoreline near Melbourne Florida.




WOW… I am just in total disbelief with all the sunken boats in the Bahamas.  Now on the ICW; as we head North we see so many shattered dreams.  So who is responsible for the clean-up?  I was told the owners had 30 days to remove there boats. But let me tell you; some of these boats look like they have been here a long time.  Maybe this one will become a historical park some day. LOL




Looks like we might start seeing a relief in the rain.  Bryce likes the picnic table here on this Island.  Maybe we should drop anchor and have lunch.




Isn’t this a pretty boat. she is a 73 foot Hatters her name is “My Boat”. She slowed down and did a “no wake pass” as she went past us.  Most power boats did the same thing as they passed us.




So we continued on up the river a few more hours and anchored near a bridge by Melbourne.  Winds were WNW 15-30 MPH most of the night and throughout the next day.  This is the boat that followed us throughout the day in the rain.  As we dropped anchor for the night, she pasted us by.  




As always thank you all for following us and sharing our journey with us.

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