ICW; Melbourne to Cocoa Florida, then Titusville

Boy; what a windy night it was and according to all weather maps it will continue all day.  Again NW 15-30 MPH (too close to sail); waves are 2.2 feet on ICW.  I can just imagine out on the Atlantic Ocean in some parts 40 knots.  So happy to be here.  Although it was windy, we had such an enjoyable day cruising up the river. I cannot get over all the boats traveling with us or near us.

Sailing in the ICW. We passed numerous boats sailing.




The funniest thing happened today. With all the boats passing buy  I asked Bryce if he would hail the big powerboat passing us and see how big it is. So he did: “My wife wants to know how big are you?” Bryce asked.  A voice came over the and said “ How big I am?”  I started laughing so hard.  “How big is my boat?” he asked.  The term should have been how long is your boat.  After the laughing was done the boat is a 73 foot Hatters.  




We saw a bit of damage on with river. Perhaps due to storms passing through.




I was told by a local that most  sailboats and powerboats sinking are the result of storms.  Unfortunately  the state has had trouble getting a hold of the owners to clean up their boats. I can see why Florida home owners are up in arms.




Our first tug on the ICW. Her name is Free State. Now I am getting flashbacks of the Mississippi.




He sure was a happy Chap.




Another destroyed dream.




I cannot get over all the bridges on the ICW. We had to make a sharp right ( Starboard) turn.  See where the barge is under the bridge?  Well we had to share the opening with it.  So glad we didn’t meet up with another vessel passing through.




Our anchorage for the night with WNW winds  near 18 wasn’t real bad. We rolled some but have had worse.  Not able to have coffee on bow; just too windy. If this weather doesn’t warm up, I will loss my Bahamas tan.




Cocoa to Titusville


We sure are seeing some chilly mornings here in Cocoa; 59 degrees.  I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature it’s suppose to be warm in Florida.  We had a tough time trying to decide if we were going to spend an extra day in Cocoa or pull up anchor and head north.  With the pressure of having to be in North Carolina for our boat insurance on June first, we figured we better head north.  You never know when you must take an extra day or two somewhere; so I am saving my extra day till I really need to get off the boat.  On our journey to Titusville it was calm the winds not so bad.


I got a chuckle out of this photo. You silly Pelicans; can’t you read!!! Keep off the Fenders..LOL




On our way to Titusville, I noticed this vessel.  The Indian River Queen of Cocoa Beach Florida.  She is 99 feet long with a triple deck.  She is also a (pseudo) paddle wheel boat.  You can take an adventure on this paddlewheel boat; they offer food great music and southern hospitably.    www.islandboatlines.com for more info.




Bryce noticed this launch pad with a fuel tank and solid rocket boosters.  Not sure what it was doing there.  It does not appear to have a shuttle on it.  Perhaps it is only for exhibition.




Here NASA Causeway Bridge (SR 405) opening up for us. It is a double bridge with plenty of opening for our mast.. LOL  Normally, these bridges open on request except Mon-Friday between 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 to 5:00 p.m and of course we arrived at 4:45.  We believe this is for rush hour traffic.  So we had to wait a bit.




You know I cannot close this blog without a sunken vessel photo on our way to Titusville.




We anchored near a bridge in Titusville in 8 feet low tide of water.  What I haven’t shared with you all has been the train sounds.  Every since we hit Melbourne, we hear trains all night long.  Will we hear them tonight? LOL

Good night our friends and thank you all for following our journeyRed rose

2 thoughts on “ICW; Melbourne to Cocoa Florida, then Titusville

  1. Greetings from Algonac….it’s Miss Eleanor. I miss you and want my neighbors back!!!! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip and exciting adventures. Darcy and Judi say “hi.” I’m in Georgia right now with both of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miss Eleanor, it’s so nice to hear from you, we miss you too. We will be in Georgia some time next week. I think😊
      Hope you are doing well. We should be home either in July or August. Stay save . See you in a few months. Hello to Darcy & Judy from us.


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