ICW, Titusville to Daytona Beach, what a Trip!

Have you ever had a day that so much happened in it that it felt like a week had passed by the end of the day.  What an amazing day; I love the ICW (intercostal waterway) It’s sometimes a bit interesting with the tide; but if you time it right, it is fun!  I have to laugh because of all the years of our boating life 35+ years we are experiencing a number of first time issues.  I thought this was going to be just a normal day of traveling the river.  We were able to pull out our head sail to boost up our speed.

It was such a peaceful morning to sail a bit. 





Seeing the crab pot pickers pass us by was so neat.  They used a regular boat hook to reach out to the little ball that shows them where they placed there crab pot.  Each ball has a number on it so it identifies the owner.




A while later, we embarked up on Allenhurst (Haulover Canal ) Bridge Mile 869.2.  For some reason this was such a neat area to pass by and it was only maybe 1 mile long.  This channel provided us with a neat and easy passage from Mosquito Lagoon to the Indian River which is on the opposite side of Merritt Island. As we approached, we noticed these folks getting ready to kayak and do some fishing.

It looks like they are going to have a fun day.




As we entered the canal area toward the bridge,  we could see all the fishing boats. We really had to keep our eye out for their lines. We don’t need to have any of the stuff wrapping around our prop. 




Now, I was always taught to sit in a boat.  I wonder is he has ever fallen out.




As we passed the banks, it was still early morning and people gathered on the shoreline to fish.




We made it to the bridge it opened promptly on request.  Good thing; because the tidal currents were about 4 mph toward the bridge.  This Allenhurst haul-over bridge is only has a 27 feet vertical clearance.




Just past the bridge was this overlook area




OM (Oh My) This is a no wake area to protect the sea world that lives here or just swimming by. I like to call this a man and his paddle board dog.

But look what was licking his lips across from them on the other side of the bank! Next photo!




I hope he has already had his breakfast.  This crocodile/alligator is patiently watching.




Ever wonder where Santa Claus spends his summer? Even Santa Claus takes a day off to go fishing.




See these two round dots?  They are the noses of two Manatees. This mile long canal sure has a lot of interesting sea world in it.   I sure hope Santa Claus doesn’t get tipped over by these guys.




Well, we are heading to the end of this canal. It sure was a delightful cruise. Mosquito Lagoon is off the ICW near 855 to mile 870. This area can only be explored by small boats.




We followed the canal back into the ICW. As I turned around to look back, I noticed this cute trawler. It wasn’t long before he passed us. 




We are headed to New Smyrna Beach. It is still a ways to go.  So I will bird watch.. Wait Look someone ran over a Chanel  marker. Must of tried cruising in at dark.




People fished and kayaked off the many islands that surround the ICW.




We are back to seeing barges and tows again. This is the W.P Scott out of Jacksonville FL. Brought back memories of the Mississippi-Ten-tom.




There was a small issue for this poor sailor. He was anchored in the middle of the ICW and the W.P Scott told him it was illegal to anchor in the middle of the ICW. He had lost his engine some how and was told to use his dinghy to move off the canal or call a tow boat. The young man was finally able to move off to the side of the channel.  All was good.




LOOK it’s is a Manatee. Boy are they big. 




We passed through a small area full of homes that lined the shoreline.  A few sunken boats blocked their view.




OM! we have seen so many neat beaches along this route.  Next time I want to play more.  I think he is enjoying his day of fishing. LOL




This is some heavy duty fishing.  Look at his/her rigging.  




I say this group of people are going to have some great fun.




A number of racing dingys were having a race.




Now we are in Ponce de Leon Cut & Indian River North ( New Smyrna Beach FL).  Now my camera battery is depleted so I am using my phone camera. 




OM! these three are walking on a sand bar in the middle of the bay just off New Smyrna Beach




Our Story of hitting a sandbar in the ICW

As we follow the ICW we are now looking for a place to anchor for the the night.  We found the perfect place! As Bryce moves Beauty in slowly checking for the depth, I yelled out to a passing boat asking for the depth further in. They advised us to turn around. Not really knowing the area we listened to them and headed back out of the are area. I think Bryce was a bit disappointed. His heart was set on anchoring there. We are not sure how the other sailboats got in there; perhaps at high tide.   But the tide was low so off we went back into the ICW.

As we moved further on, there was a 90 degree turn in the ICW that caused us a bit of grief.   As we followed the channel, Beauty came to a screeching halt!!! Oh crap I said!!!  We hit a sand bar.  The people who told us not to anchor near the beach came back to help us off.

Bryce gave them our Main halyard.  They  tied it off to their tow bar and tried heeling us toward the starboard side so we could motor out. I was on the bow; I couldn’t move. Beauty was darn near on her side.  No way are they budging her. She is not moving. But me; well you all know I hate heeling.  I feared for myself; I didn’t want to fall off the boat.  But everything happened so fast.  I had no life jacket on.  I just wanted them to stop pulling her over.  After a bit, we realized she not moving. The captain of the tow boat told us it was 4 feet on the starboard side. Ok.. we best not tow toward that side!!  Crap.. what are we going to do. I was so shaken up.  Bryce had so much to deal with he didn’t need to know his wife was on pin and needles.

So we tied the tow rope onto the bow of Beauty and towed toward the port side. There was 10 feet on that side.  They wiggled us back and forth and finally Beauty was released us from her sandy grip.  Beauty was set free once again.

Thank you for helping us I yelled as they motored away.  It was our first stuck since leaving August of last year. Hopefully our only Stuck!!




We continued on up the river both shaken up a bit.  But we must carry on and find an anchorage for the night and settle our nerves a bit.  We ended up having to make it to Daytona Beach.




More boats down!  This time they are powerboats.  We anchored a short ways away from here.




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2 thoughts on “ICW, Titusville to Daytona Beach, what a Trip!

  1. Glad to hear you got out of your grounding. I know I don’t comment often, but I sure do enjoy following your adventures. You’re on my RSS feed, so when you post, I see it on my “Travel” feed which I usually read a few times per day. Not sure whether to root for a quick return home so I can eat lunch with Bryce, or a slow return so I can savor the journey longer, so I’ll just keep rooting for a safe journey. Take your time, still cooler than you like here at home, but keep posting!


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