ICW, Daytona Beach to Saint Augustine, Florida

What an amazing morning. For the first time in a while, I was able to have my morning coffee on the bow. Sunday is a glorious day. No morning issues to report we woke up early with plans to make it St. Augustine. We are able to enjoy the sunshine on the boat this morning.

After pulling up anchor we passed through yet another bascule bridge. I love waving to the bridge attendant as we pass through.




Just past the bascule bridge was another fix bridge I like the paintings of the sea world.




Ok, this young-man is enjoying a phone conversation on the water. When are people going to learn to put down those phones and enjoy what’s around them?




High rise condos are now leasing yeah, not sure what floor I would want to be on when Florida gets a hurricane. 




We are always seeing these eagles. I am at the point of naming them because I see so many of them. George is a good name. LOL




I didn’t realize that a crab picker gets so dirty. Then I thought of course the bottom of the cages are in mud or sand. Looks like an interesting job ( brother Joe ) I know you would enjoy it.




As we went further up the river, we noticed all these crab cages on a dock. Must be a market for crabs. Very nice home.




Ok, I am putting this out here!!!! To all who fish… Why do you fish in spots like this when vessels need to get through under the bridge?  It’s the narrowest part of the river! Look he is even anchored⚓️




Look a deer right in the back yard of a well manicured yard.  How pretty.




I want this house..colorful and it just looks like a fun house.




Sunday….last day of the weekend boats headed down river to there favorite anchorage spot.  The ICW gets a bit busy on the weekend!




Another Bryce & Jane with an umbrella & chairs sitting on the beach watching the boats. Wondering what they’re drinking. LOL




Now this house looks like they should call it fish bones…




Do you think this was once a real fish and they stuffed it or maybe it is from the prehistoric years and they dug it out of the mud when the tide was low? LOL it’s pretty neat.




Ok, now this is low tide down 6 feet according to GPS. Looks like they are barely afloat.




As we travel through the narrow ICW in low tide we have to keep our head on straight. It is total focus time in this area.  I am afraid to crack a smile for fear the water might disappear. Can you believe the water level is so low that when the tide rises all this will be covered in water.




The folks along this river really have to time the boating fun with the tide table.




An all lone fishing boat. My question is, will it float away when the tide comes in?




Wahoo! Today took us a lot longer then we anticipated on so we found a nice place to anchor 2 miles from St. Augustine. We decided the evening was cooling down so we went down to make coffee for Bryce tea for me. While all was cooking I went back up to the bow Bryce started to get our chairs ready when all heck broke loose..

We both noticed the current rotating around the boat. Darn those whirlpools keep following us!! LOL




Crap… Bryce said the anchor line wrapped around the keel of the boat. The wind was pushing us in one direction and the current in another. We had no choice, we had to figure out away to unleash its grasp. Bryce took out the jet-ski and tried to pull the boat. Nothing happened; so he set the rear anchor to unload the main anchor. Darn we are going to run out of daylight soon.

While we were working hard at figuring out what to do, we noticed a couple coming near us in a dingy.  Priss and Bouth; not sure on the spelling of your names sorry.

They saw we had an issue and offered to help us.




So the guys went out to pull up the anchor and line.




What a great team.  In the end, Bryce decided to disconnect the anchor line at the bow rather than try to pull it up.  He thought it would be quite hard to lift a big well set Danforth.




Prior to disconnecting at the bow, Bryce had to snag the line down line of the keel.  He used the jet ski anchor to snag the line so he could tie it to the springer cleat.  He then disconnected at the bow and pulled it past the keel from the springer.




Thanks for your help. We offered a beer, coffee or whatever.  But it was getting late. We still want to enjoy a glass of wine or coffee, tea with you.




As always thank you so much for following our blog. Have a great weekend.Island with a palm tree

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