Fernandina to Charleston crossing Atlantic Ocean

Bryce and I talked. We think we need to take a break from the ICW. We looked at Active Captain and we don’t think we would be able to time the tides right. So we will by-pass Georgia and go 170 miles to Charleston SC.  According to the weather map it should be great sailing for us.  We woke up early and headed out figuring about 25 hours to make it across.  At first we had perfect winds we couldn’t ask for better.  We really enjoyed our day.  There are no pictures because there is only water to see. LOL

Unfortunately,  our jet ski towing bridle broke and our jet ski became lost at sea.

  I will share our story with you if I can hold back my tears:

The day we got you.




The Atlantic Ocean has claimed another vessel.  5 alive (jet ski) is now missing.  The Atlantic took our jet-ski away from us!  Bryce was downstairs catnapping.  I was trying to let him sleep and get some good rest.  The clock was reaching 4 AM;  the winds spiked up  to 20 knots coming from our aft port side.  Up and Down; back and fourth and I am starting to see things.  I sipped on a can of coke.  I never drink coke but needed the caffeine.  I am starting to see ghostly blue shadows in front of me. I turned to see how 5 was doing.  She was having a bit of a time with the following sea too.   5 alive (jet ski) was twisting from side to side in the waves.




She would slide down one wave; but before she could settle, the next one would grab her jerking her back and fourth. Side to side her body twisted and turned dramatically.  I looked at the wind meter; 21 knots and the winds are starting to change directions.

I whispered in to our bedroom widow from the cockpit.  “Bryce, I am so sorry; but will you please come sleep up here. I feel so a lone and I need you with me. It is getting rougher out here.”  I heard moaning as he must have been in a deep sleep.  A few moments latter I hear, ”Jane are you ok?”  “Yes, but truthfully I am a little scared.”  Silence came.  I sat on the edge of my seat and waited. I didn’t hear another word. It seemed like an eternity before I finally saw him making his way up the companion way.  He looked at the wind meter and agreed with me.

I apologized for waking him.  He never gets mad at me; but I feel guilty. Bryce said, “please go get some rest. You really need it.”  But I rarely sleep when making a crossing.  My body will not relax enough.  But I decided to take my head set and listen to some relaxing music.




I put my headset on, but left one ear open in case he needed me.  I must have been down there 9 minutes and a few seconds. Because I listened to two songs.  Then I hear a four letter word.  And the boat started to turn;  the sails were flopping.  I ran up the stairs; what is going on!  “The lines gave way on the jet-ski!  Go grab the Justins light!!!!  Go …Go..  Sometimes I cannot move fast enough for him.  My heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe my eyes.  She was floating away from us.  Bryce had circled the jetski and he was pointing Beauty into the wind to drop the sails.  The white of the jet ski was clear in the waves.  However, the further she drifted, the waves were so big she disappeared.  We could not tell the difference between the white caps and 5 alive.  However, down came the sails.  We searched and searched for over 3 hours.  Tears, I cannot stop the tears!  Why do bad thing always happen at night? Bryce asked




We are now three hours past our scheduled transit into the Charleston inlet.  We have to give up the search. We called the Coastguard and Tow Boat US.  We had to warn people of a floating jet-ski. We didn’t need people to start a search for a missing person on an empty jet ski.

I will miss you! Thanks for the adventure you gave to us.




Thanks for following us….

4 thoughts on “Fernandina to Charleston crossing Atlantic Ocean

  1. Hi Jane! I have been following since I found your link on a news article about someone who met you at the Sand Dunes or somewhere Up North in Michigan! I love reading and seeing your pictures, and I got a little choked up for you guys reading today’s post; what a frustrating event.

    Safe travels! Always looking forward to your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so happy to meet you Taylor. Thank you for following us. We are going to stay in Charleston SC for a few more days in hope someone finds 5 Alive (jet ski).


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