ICW cruise up to Georgetown, South Carolina

We left Charleston and anchored at two points just off the ICW.  First was at Whiteside Creek.  Second at Awendaw Creek.  Both were excellent anchorages with plenty of water.  During these three days, we had a slow cruise up the intracoastal water way. We came upon this cool swing bridge.  It looks like a barge, but it actually pivots around the furthest most point and forms a floating bridge across the intracoastal water way.




Here you can see the huge out-board motor that causes it to swing.  This pivots into the water and pushes this end of the barge across the water way.  Cool eh??




I was sitting on the bow when I heard Bryce yell “ Crocodile… Crocodile… “ I thought, “well grab the camera”.. I turned around to look at him; he had found the camera in time.. LOL.  Did not know there were any crocodiles/alligators in the water way.  I suppose it makes sense.  Apparently, they are in South Carolina.




I am getting flash-backs from the Mississippi..  We passed this barge and tow.  It’s funny they are always waving as they pass by.   Bryce says, “Perhaps it’s the beautiful blonde on the bow waving”. (ADDED BY BRYCE)




We were passed by numerous big power boats as we crawled up the water way.  Fortunately, they always slowed down to pass us.  Thanks guys!!  It’s funny; the guy with the sore armed yelled over at me and wanted to know how I could be sitting on the bow with all the horse flies out driving boaters nuts.  I laughed and held up my flyswatter.




Saw this cool house just off the ICW.  I suppose these homes must be built on stilts just incase the water rises too much.




How would you like to walk this distance just to get from your house to your boat? Well, I would get my Fitbit steps in. LOL




After anchoring for the night, we sat down for a well deserved cocktail.  We anchored just down stream from Georgetown. It’s awesome to watch all the activity around when anchored.




We watched the crab pot boats collect their days catch of crabs.




And we watched the dolphins playfully slap their tails on the water. What a great way to end a day.




As always thank you for reading our blog. Have a safe Memorial Weekend.

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