ICW-Leaving Charleston

What a crazy morning. We were only there a week and seems like we had so much to do before we could head out. If you are ever considering going to Charleston they also have a great resort by car at Charleston Harbor Resort.  And the Charleston Harbor Marina attached to the resort was awesome.  After fueling up and a pump-out we are on our way.  Waving good by to all our new friends… 

Yep..LOL it’s awesome to be on the move again….



This is the Ben Sawyer Memorial Swing Bridge it opens on demand.  With a few exceptions..LOL




Two guys waving as we went by.  I think people don’t understand that we are moving and the conversation can’t be in depth. LOL  I think they were still talking to me as we left them.




I thought this was a good piece of information.  When you are from the Great Lakes and see all the hurricanes on the news, I often wonder what all the boaters are doing and how far can they go up river.




We traveled up the ICW in a rising tide to assure we had plenty of water.  I love looking at the nice homes on  the water front.  I keep thinking that we don’t need a big house anymore! Or do I????




Boats fly pass us a we stroll up river.




I wonder how this vessel gets out of of this?




Wow.. seems like you can surly find thing to do on this ICW.  These guys stared at us as we passed.  Seems they never saw a sailboat pulling a jet ski.




Looks like someone ripped apart the engine on this little guy or did just time and grade just pull her apart as she drifted all alone.  I sure would like to hear some of the stories a boat could tell. 




We anchored in Whiteside Creek with plenty of water the depth was at 13.6 when we dropped the anchor.  We will wait till a rising mid tide tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “ICW-Leaving Charleston

  1. Wow, you are one lucky couple to get your jet ski back! We just got back from a cruise in the North and Baltic Seas. Weather in Algonac is warm, 80’s, so you will be ready for some more nice weather. See you in a few.


    1. Hope you had a great time in the North and Baltic Seas. We are hiding in a river from the Tropical Storm Bonnie. We should be back end of July to some time in August. Talk soon


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