Exploring Charleston SC

After a very eventful week in Charleston, we are once again on our way back into the ICW.  I want to share with you some of the awesome times we had while we were in Charleston. I think that some of the best times are the times we share with the new friends we meet. Charleston was a great place to regroup my mind.  Bryce picked out the best marina..hot tub, pool, bar, resturant and it had a boardwalk that takes you right into the area of Patriots point with the WWII Naval vessels.   There was the USS YorkTown: Aircraft Carrier, USS Clamagore: (SS-343) Submarine and the Destroyer Escort USS Laffey (DD-724).  The Laffey is 2,200 tons and is 376 ft 6 inch long.  This ship has the speed of 34 knots while our sailboat only has 5 knots. LOL I find that so amazing that  such a huge ship can go that fast. If you ever take a trip to Charleston, make sure to stop in at Patriots Point.

Our boat slip at  Charleston Harbor Marina was AWESOME!!! We were in slip E-42.  The boaters on E-Dock pride themselves as the best partiers in the Marina. They are all very nice and fun to party with.

We can see the ships right from our slip.  In the background is the Aircraft Carrier.




We walked and walked.. what an amazing time to learn I never stop learning about our history.   Here is a picture of the Destroyer.




For some reason I thought this was funny. Maybe because I talk so much LOL




Have you ever seen an Escalator in a ship? This escalator was built in1953 to carry the pilots and their gear to the flight deck from their Ready Rooms.  In world war II air groups that were in the Ready Rooms immediately beneath the flight deck suffered considerable losses when their air carriers were bombed or hit by Kamikazes.  So they moved the ready room and used this escalator to transport the pilots and gear.  The aircraft carrier was HUGE!!! It is the size of a small city with all the rooms and facilities to support 3000 sailors.




Bryce standing by the Marine Jet…For those who don’t know he was in the Marine Corp.  Semper Fi!!




Look at all these planes and there is three times as many in the inside.  The flight deck is so long.  We toured all three ship here at Patriots Point.  We started with the smallest ship: the submarine, then the next largest : Destroyer and last the aircraft carrier.  Good thing we did that last, we were worn out after walking all over the carrier.  On all three ships we were able to tour the engine rooms.. Bryce got a kick out of that.




Latter that evening we spent the evening in the resort hot tub.  We met up with a couple Vernon & Hope with little man Caper.  The next evening, we joined them on their vessel.  It was a 60 foot Jefferson.  We had an amazing night with them.  They took us on a tour of their vessel it was very nice.  This 60 foot Jefferson is for sale in Charleston SC.  It is in Yacht World.




We took a carriage ride around Charleston.  It was an interesting ride, but the $50 dollars that it cost seemed a bit steep.  We prefer the Red Train in Saint Augustine.  The Red Train covered quite a bit more ground.




Well some time has passed and we we decided to let thing settle and enjoy a Saturday night on the boat.   When all of a sudden a Catalina 400 (40) foot came back into the dock just across from us.  Bryce went over to help them in. But when all was said and done, they  didn’t really want to talk.  So I noticed a group of people in the middle of the dock partying. And if you know me, I went and joined in on the fun. They were the nicest people.  We really cannot remember all their names. But hello to you all if you are reading my blog.  Giggle…

One of the guys we met was Ollie.  This is Ollie; he came back to our boat for a few shots of Goldschlager.  A favorite drink of his.  He could not believe we knew what it was, let alone had a bottle on the boat.




Ollie given foot massages LOL




You can tell we had a great time.  This is Jennifer; Ollie’s wife, they are a great couple.   And a few others on the E-Dock.




The next day we went for a ride to Sullivan Island. I had a rental car so I could take Bryce to pick up the jet-ski.  Now it’ time to explore and have more fun.  We stopped in a had a pizza at Luke & Ollies’s Pizzeria.

Me and Ollie.. A second Ollie!!!




We walked the beach in Sullivan Island.  This was a pretty big jelly fish..




Me at the beach… Clearly in my element.



We stop in at Fort Moultrie ……I like this steeple on the church, just across the street.




Fort Moultrie was built, along with Fort Sumpter to protect Charleston and its harbor.  Fort Sumpter was just across the bay from Fort Moultrie.  Fort Moultrie was operating up until about 1947.  It was upgraded and manned to protect Charleston during WWII.   Bryce is seen here loading a cannon ball into a gun. LOL




And here, Bryce is pulling the lanyard to fire the 5 inch WWII gun.  Covering his ears from the noise!!!  Hey Bryce.. Don’t you think you should close the breach???




The inside picture of the Fort shows a number of gun emplacements.



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