Norfolk Harbor Festival

What a beautiful morning! We pulled out of Top Rack marina and headed towards Norfolk Harbor Fest. Looks like we might be able to see the fire works after all. What a view. We came across many bridges. And many military vessels. It felt I we were in military heaven. If you are a military buff, you would love Norfolk. Our journey today has seen so exciting and exhausting. We anchored in “Hospital Bay”. It was totally great until another sailor decided to anchor on top of us. He dragged a number of times past us. We were both worried that his anchor would pull up our anchor and if the winds were right he might drag right into us. Enough complaining, a few hours later after dragging nearly to us, they finally moved away. We thought about taking a taxi into port but it was 90 degrees and so many people. We just stayed on the boat had a few beers and enjoyed the view. I will share our day with you now.

This is two bridges together a railroad bridge and car bridge. The railroad bridge is normally open unless a train is coming. But it has been closed for repair during the day and opens around 5 pm. For this weekend, apparently they decided to keep it open.


This is an ocean going freighter. You can tell by the shape of the bow. I have to say his dinghy is as big as our sailboat..LOL


There sure are a lot of cement places here.


The night before we left, we introduced ourselves to the couple at the next table. But darn, I cannot remember their names. I need to right things down. Anyways, never owning a boat; they sold their home and went out and bought this Grand-banks Trawler. They name her “Rash Decision” they are from Stuart Fl.


Look at the gravel pit. There are so many on this route. We came upon another bridge and there was a tow and barge passing under her.


It wasn’t long after passing under the bridge that we started seeing Navy vessels in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.


This looks like an old med/hospital vessel that needs major repair. It seems to carry my maiden name (Mckee).


There are so many ships here that has or will protect the USA.


As we travel through Norfolk we must stay something like 1000 feet away from any military vessel. They guard it well. This is a photo of the Navy police keeping anyone from getting to close. See the machine gun on the bow. Not about to argue with these guys!!


Vessel hull Number 98 is in the floating dry dock getting some work done on her. Looks like a Destroyer..


We do believe this is a destroyer.


Now you know with this being Harbor Fest, we would see some old boats. This is a caricature of an steam paddle wheeler that is used to transport people.


The Norfolk Harbor Fest offered visitors tours of some Tall ships.


This is Hospital Bay where we are going to pull in and anchor for the day/night.


Well, seems like the anchor is going to hold. So we will relax now. it’s 90 degrees; it’s time to put the pool up and have a beer!!


We don’t even have to drive our dinghy into the dinghy dock. The water taxi picks you up.


The police and coast guard patrolled the anchorage all weekend. No wake was allowed. This made for a great place to anchor.


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