Norfolk Harbor fest Fireworks

OM!!!!! My apology for the last blog. I have downloaded a new off line editor for my MAC. It has caused me problems.  ECTO software lost of some of my saved blogs.  I am back on HP. LOL this is the continuation of our last post Norfolk Festival.  This was a fun night.  As the day went on, we sat on the bow of the and enjoyed the view.

Several Tall ships were in port for the festival.




Little sails boats came out and paraded (sailed) around. What a colorful event.




I have to say the Coast Guard put one heck of a show on.  First the helicopter appeared overhead.  It stayed exactly in one spot. It was so cool…




Then it came closer and closer to the water. They were doing a demonstration of how a water rescue works.   It looks close to the boats only because of a zoom lens.




Now in this photo if you look really hard you will see an orange dummy. There is also a frog man that is rescuing the dummy. That is what they call the one (frog man) who goes into the water.




Now the chopper is pulling up the basket with the dummy in it.




And it went on with a second demonstration.  This photo shows the frogman being lifted up with a dummy.  It’s how they would do it in a real to life  situation.  Awesome event!!!




As the day went on and everyone was waiting for the fireworks we swim and watched the tug ships play tug a war.    They would go head-to-head and see who could out push the other.




Boats were coming in all day and rafting off. It was a blast to people watch.




Finally the sunset and it was getting time for the fireworks. One of the neat things was they brought in two barges to launch the fireworks.  The barge in this photo shows the barge closest to us.




Then a huge boom!!! This was the first one of the night.




They shined for nearly 40 minutes.




Love the heart Red heart  Both barges synchronized their fireworks.




After the fireworks, we watched the smoke dissipate.



Thanks for following us. Remember if you have any questions; ask. Flirt maleRed rose

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