Norfolk to Fishing Bay

What a gorgeous morning, sails are up and plenty of wind. I will tell you a short statement that was said to me. I will say… “A true sailor would never sail the ICW” The way I see it, cruising the ICW is infinitely more difficult than going off shore. The rumor has it that you don’t sail the ICW… I suppose it depends.. Bryce and I have done lots of sailing on the various bays and rivers. There are areas in-which you only motor like the Dismal Swamp and some narrows. Everything we do in the Atlantic ocean we do on the ICW… minus the rollers and waves. We enjoy doing both. We shoot out into the Atlantic when we can. But after 10 or 12 hours of nothing but open water, it can get boring. There are places on the ICW that you should not miss.. the bays of North Carolina, Chesapeake Bay and the Dismal Swamp. There are numerous other areas that are quite cool.

Sailing on the Chesapeake


As we left Norfolk, we saw so many more ships like these troop carriers. We are thinking they are probably for the Marines. The Coast Gard is patrolling the area so boaters don’t get too close.


Not sure, but we are thinking that the military is either building this vessel or refitting it. Either way it looked really cool…


This is a neat pic. I love watching the big ships load and unload all these containers. I didn’t get to see a vessel loading or anything but I think one might be headlining in to load up.


These cranes for the loading and unloading; they are huge!!! Just think something you or I might have purchased could be in one of these containers…


This is a Hospital Ship, They take care of our wounded soldiers. My dream as a little girl was to be a nurse in the Navy. Yah.. as you know, that didn’t happen.


These water sure are busy.


I don’t know why, but I was so surprised to see a tow and barge were also in the Navy. I think it was because of all the big ships ect…


I am just relaxing and enjoying the view.


Speaking of views. if this tow is pushing gravel. But gravel is heaver then water and it sinks. This barge must have some type of air pockets to keep it a float.


This lighthouse marks the entrance to Fishing Bay. This is where we will anchor for the night.


Fishing Bay to Ingram

The following Day we headed up to Ingram Bay. I believe it was near 40 some miles away. It sure was another pretty day. We had to cross the Potomac River which takes you to Washington DC. The river current from the Potomac slowed us down a bit and it was a bit chopy. However, we still made good time.

Coming out of Ingram Bay there sure are a lot of these fishing trap areas for fisherman.


I do believe this is one of the tall ships that was in Norfolk during the Harbor fest.


This lighthouse is the start point of us crossing the Potomac River.


Have you ever wondered what happens to that balloon when it slips out of your fingers? We have seen so many floating in the Oceans, rivers and Great lakes.


So I am thinking that this NYK line could be transporting new cars to the area.


Here is a sunken vessel in the Chesapeake Bay. I wonder is there is good snorkeling around there.. might see a few sharks.


On our GPS there is a warning to say away from this area so I zoomed in with my camera. this looks like some type of target for the military.


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