Ingram Bay to Jane’s Dream Town Annapolis, Maryland

After we settled in for the night in Ingram Bay, we sat down with a cup of coffee on the bow. We had a pretty view of the bay. We watched a lady paddle herself around the area.  After we anchor, we are often just plum tired and ready to snooze. LOL.. crap.. wait no rest tonight; our anchor alarm went off.  All I could think about was there she blows again.  Winds were 30 knots.  We have our depth alarm set and drag alarm set every night.  For some reason in this bay, the bottom was maybe hard or something and our anchor did not hold us tight.  I don’t think we have ever had a time when our Danforth has ever let us down.  OH…Well Bryce pulled up the anchor and moved us just a little and she reset herself and held us all night in the 30 knot winds.

I watched this girl paddle for a while. I think.. I must have one of those boards! “ Bryce it would make a great Christmas present.” LOL




Early that morning we pulled up the anchor and headed to Annapolis MD.  As we were pulling out of the bay and of course I had no camera in hand, Bryce yelled “Look at the dauphin’s”. OM! There had to be twenty  of them passing us a cross our bow. I only managed to get a photo of one.




Sometimes the view is just spectacular out here. This lighthouse looked so pretty as the light rotated in circles at the top of the lighthouse. I wonder with GPS and and the navigation tools of the last few years if a lighthouses light still helps with navigation. I can tell you with all the fishing areas out here, I sure would not want to come close to this lighthouse.




As our day went on we noticed this huge pier just past the lighthouse. As we got closer and closer we noticed it wasn’t a pier but possibly a refueling station for the tows and freighters.




I must say in our earlier travels we have never seen a tow pull a barge. But as time has gone by, we see it a lot on the ICW route near the Ocean. We are thinking it has to do with the rough water.




Here is an interesting old light house on the Chesapeake Bay.




As we get closer and closer to Annapolis I noticed this bridge and freighters anchored out. Bryce explained to me that this is probably a waiting area for freighters to pick up a Pilot Captain to get them a cross the Annapolis Bay.  Or perhaps waiting for customs.




Well, we made it into Annapolis. We decided to take a mooring ball. I was hoping for a marina slip so I could get laundry done; but it will have to wait till the next time. I must say if I could pack up my bags and move anywhere it would be right here in Annapolis.  It just feels like home. We come here darn near every October for the sailboat show. It is just a beautiful place.   Distinctly a sailors town.

One of our views after we got on our #14 mooring ball.




We were so excited to be here; it was so magical. I felt like Cinderella as she walked into to the castle. Bryce sat on the bow as soon as we were tied up. I handed him a beer and we just enjoyed the moment.  That statement isn’t true!  We enjoyed three days of… Well, I just cannot explain it. We had a great time.

Not knowing as we both enjoyed our view, sailboats were headed out for a race on the bay.




You can take a harbor tour of Annapolis.. You can take a sailboat ride on a sailboat… what a life….




Look at the boats going out to race. We are not racers but it is cool to watch them.




OM! I cannot turn without a fabulous view. Ok, let me see if I can explain this right. This dingy is pulling this sailboat out to the bay. Why you might ask. LOL  Well, it has no motor on it.   Why? Some time ago.. ok.. lets go some where in time a long time ago when a ship needed to get out of the towns or harbors another vessel, or a row boat would pull them out so they could set sail.




It just so happened that todays winds were averaging 18 knots. So they will have a great day sailing.  Sails are up!!! Have a great time out there….




Love the taxi.  But at three dollars a shot each way and of course a tip, we decided to use the dingy dock.




I am in dream town…




How much happier can a women get with a sailor on each arm… LOL.. Okay… maybe even happier with a Marine taking the picture.




Another great night at O’Brian’s with the love of my life.  We have dinner or lunch here every time we come into Annapolis. They have the best cream clam chowder.  See you in OctoberRed rose




Night life!! why is this picture so blue/purple? I have no idea…. LOL but I like it.




Till we meet again Annapolis.. Had three days of pure happiness…

Thanks for reading our blog… Remember to reach out  if you have any questions.

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