Annapolis, MD to the C & D Canal

After leaving Annapolis we headed up to the Chesapeake & Delaware  canal where we will stay the night at the top of the Delaware Bay.  I am suggesting to all our sailing and motoring friends (powerboats) not to miss the Chesapeake area. It is just  wonderful don’t miss it.  Well, we spent 14 hours sailing & motoring sailing; but it was so worth the trip across the C & D.




The sun cast it glow on the Port side of this bridge as we passed under around 6:30 a.m.  This is the bridge just north of Annapolis.




Look at the fisherman & women out here.  I would say this is one HOT spot to fish…..




We are merging into the C & D Channel.  It was so darn pretty.  As we merged in we noticed way to many red buoys. As we got closer, we realized that the pilings running along the river had orange netting on them. I think they could change the color.  It is too close to looking like a red buoy.


IMGP5825 IMGP5826


The Delaware RESPONDER!!  Was at the Coast Guard Station on the C&D.




We were going to anchor in the bay just across from this.  But there were so many local boats due to the weekend, that we just decided to continue through the C&D.  Besides, the tidal current was in our favor for another 4 hours.




This area is so pretty. I love all the different style bridges we have seen.




They sure do leave a big wake when they pass in this narrow canal.  This is a tow pushing a barge.




Birds on a wire and pipe looking at the boats and wondering watch one their poop will fall on….LOL




We passed another tow under the bridge. Boy do they look like freighters from a distance.  I think this was a freighter converted to a barge.  Bryce calls them “Freighter Barges”.




Yep… we met right under that bridge. Giving the tow more room…




A bike cycle path runs along the C & D




The moon was out in early evening full and just beautiful. This photo is for our daughter Tami.  The moon is so magical…and when the sky is full of stars there is nothing prettier.  The moon is a sailors flash light.




We finally took anchor for the night where the C & D joins the Delaware Bay.  The winds were 18 knots but this break water protected us from the waves.




Early the next morning we headed to the bottom of the Delaware.  Not realizing how close we were to a nuclear plant.




This tow and barge sure is pretty in RED .




We saw these kinds of boats transporting vehicles from Europe.  We saw the same boats in Charleston.




OM!!! look how much bigger a freighter is next to a tow.




Boy, this is one busy area with big vessels. There is an area where they anchor while they get their paper work done. Apparently this is a point of entry. There is an anchoring area where they get checked into customs.  Another vessel pulls up next to them and collects their trash and fills them up with fuel.




We had to be very careful and follow the channel in due to shoaling.




This lighthouse is in the break water where we anchored for the night at the bottom of the Delaware Bay.  Exit to the Atlantic Ocean.




Our sunset.. at Breakwater Harbor




Thanks for following our blog…Red rose

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