Atlantic city to New York

As we left breakwater Harbor the day started out pretty well. The winds were light at first so we put up the main sail and motored of course. I would say on this trip we sailed 10% of the time and motor sailed 90% of the time. It was awesome, the sails stabilized Beauty. We figured we just do a short ride maybe 30 miles or so and head over to Ocean City. I received a text on Facebook from a friend of ours telling us about the shoaling at Ocean City inlet. We were not able to connect with Towboat US so we changed our minds decided to go to Atlantic City. It was an additional 40 miles. Total trip 70 miles.

As the day went on the Atlantic showed no mercy again. The winds increasing to 25 knots her rollers seem to hit us from every direction as the wind direction changed. Our last day on the Atlantic till our next trip so I thought. The ICW near Atlantic City sounded like a great option.


Atlantic City looked so pretty from the Ocean side toward the shoreline. We looked at Active Captain and found two areas in which we could anchor in. We took the first one. It was late and we were exhausted from the long day out in the ocean. It was a beautiful sunset the night with the strawberry moon.




I took some photos of strawberry moon.

We anchored inside the harbor near the bridge and the Harrahs Casino. It was a calm anchorage in spite of the gusty winds and tidal current.


The following morning after great deliberation we decided that with the storms brewing we should take a boat slip at the Golden Nugget. I also haven’t done laundry since Saint Augustine in Florida, so this will be a great chance for me to get caught up on laundry. Ok.. I did gamble away $20 the following morning while I waited for Bryce to finish up with work.

This is a photo of the marina taken from the casino. The background shows the inlet from the Atlantic.


We ended up spending three days at the Golden Nugget Casino. We wandered around the city and enjoyed every thing they offered. I especially love the boardwalk and the sandy beaches.

We had to have our photos taken with the ape…


So which one is the ape…LOL


My toes are in the sand…


The board walk was so cool…


Well after talking to a lot of different boaters we found out the ICW would not be an option for us. So once again and this was my final trip on the Atlantic Ocean, we motored sailed up to New York City inlet. Just a few miles in the New York harbor was a bay called Sandy Point. We took rescue there for the night. Once again we managed to arrive just as the sun was setting. We heard that this wasn’t a real good place to anchor, but it turned out ideal for us.

Bryce setting the anchor.


This military area was just off of Sandy Point.


Our sunset for the evening came quickly.



The following morning we pulled up anchor early at 5:30. We headed towards New York City. It was amazing. The view was breathtaking. I must say to my surprise I was shocked to see so many freighters, tows and barges anchored in the harbor near the Statue of Liberty.

Staten Island Ferry.. It was to our surprise to see all the ferries were guarded by an armed coast guard boat.


Up close and personal…he’s manning a machine gun on the bow!


These tows were anchored right inside the harbor.


Our Statue of Liberty.. Very pretty.


This was a neat looking building to me. I am thinking that it could have been a Coast guard station at one time.


This was one heck of a clock…if you can’t see it I would suggest an eye doctor… LOL


Continuing up the river, we decided since we already been to New York a few times by car, we would just travel the waterway this time. We headed north of New York and took Anchorage in a bay called Croton Bay. We actually spent two nights there. We enjoyed a day of kayaking.

We kayaked in to this beach area. It is low tide. When high tide comes in, the beach disappears..


Bryce cleaning up the toys so we can play…


George even got out to enjoy the day.


The bay was full of boats. It was great to see everyone anchored and enjoying their day.


The following day we headed up the river nearly 30 miles or so. We anchored near a shoreline with a train track running along the shoreline. LOL You said it ….yes we were listening to trains passing by all night.

This passenger train was headed north.


While this train was headed south.



The view on the Hudson grew more beautiful every day.,


Houses appeared out of the mountain tops.


We passed this cute couple waving to us from their boat as they passed by.

Every corner we turned, the view was awesome.


The following day we headed up to a marina in Catskills called RiverView. Then reality kicked in..Knowing you have to do something, then actually doing it. It was time for the removal of the mast again. You know what that means???? The next part of this adventure takes us up the Erie Canal to Lake Erie.

As always thank you for following us

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