Weekend at Sylvan Beach

What an incredible weekend. Of course it rained most of it and was a bit breezy, but we didn’t let that get us down. We walked and walked and explored Sylvan Beach. We docked up on their free City docks. We had no power but that was ok. We used our generator.

I have to share this with you. Remember in the last post I shared with you our experience with the gusty wind in Lock 20. Well as Bryce and I docked along the wall we docked right in front of the boat that went sideways in the lock. They were actually a very nice couple. They were traveling with another powerboat. She seemed a tad bit embarrassed. I suppose it could happen to anybody. For those of you who are just catching up; their boat Leap of Faith was blown side ways in the lock.  Due to the winds, Bryce and I are waiting to leave today Monday.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Sylvan Beach; it is a town built around a small amusement part.



Ok… I will ask this question. I always thought these were called the rocket or Bullet ride. What do you think they called in the 60’s – 70’s?



Awa.. The beach didn’t have too many people this weekend. Probably due to rain and 72 degree temps.



Friday night we enjoyed a nice dinner here at the Canal View Café.



We enjoyed a walk thought town several times. It had a beach party atmosphere.



Bryce and I enjoyed our breakfast once we got waited on.



Sunday evening we went out dinner. We decided to go to Eddie’s.  It is wasn’t bad. The air was a bit chilly due to the cold front hanging over our heads. But after dinner, we took a walk along the beach.



This is the free dock at Sylvan Beach; it was very nice.  We met a couple Larry and Bev Mosser on a trawler named “Canadian Flyer”. They travel 3 months out of the year now.  They went around the world on their previous boat: a 54’ Tayana.  The were celebrating 56 years of marriage.  Congratulations Larry & Bev Red rose



We have 20 miles to cross on Oneida Lake . It was a beautiful day.  Very calm and warm.



We did enjoy the lake crossing. I really wanted to anchor out. The weather was in the low 80’s; so it was perfect.  I love the free dockage but I think I miss throwing out the hook.  But there seemed to be too much seaweed so we just kept moving.



We took advantage of another free wall dockage at Brewerton. No electric, but very nice. We had dinner here; it was ok.  My dinner order was completely wrong. Instead of making it right with me they tried to cover it up. “This is the first time we made it” It was the dinner special. Oh well, at least I got my shrimp.


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