A Day at Baldwinsville

Well, We had a great night last night. Bryce and I even danced. (Tuesday) We are trying to decided if we stay one more night or go to the next place. I think that will depend on the accessibility of electricity.  At 95 degrees, I am loving air conditioning.  It’s pretty bad when you are on a boat and you need air conditioning. I took my morning walk today. Already at 9:00 I had sweat rolling off my neck! Yuck…

Here at lock 24 the Baldwinsville lock it is so cute they even have a book exchange



Walla…. go to the back of the Little Free Library and you can take a book. But it is nice if you leave one too. Most of mine are all digital.. What is this world coming to. LOL



I like the view from our boat.  The flowers are so nice.



Well, maybe the electric isn’t free, but the dockage is. At 5 dollars a day for electric, I think it is worth it.



I like the little sitting area they provide too.



I smiled as we were lifted up in the locks.  This is the first time it lifted us up into a town.  It was quite the surprise.



John and Dianne were getting lowered into a new dimension of the Erie Canal.  It is amazing that each lock lifts or lowers you into a different view. I will think of it as the twilight Zone…



Do you see how their view is already changing? They really don’t have a view other than the boat in front of them. The door is a big curtain. Soon the curtain will open and their new panoramic view will begin.



I smiled.  I too waved goodbye to our new friends. Enjoy your new adventure on (Quintessential). They just purchased this boat in Michigan and are headed toward Florida.



We decided to spend another day here in Baldwinsville, NY.  This afternoon we met another couple: Jeff & Chrissy Moulton along with their puppy Magnus. They are from Georgian Bay in Canada  We spent the evening at Lock 24 Restaurant  and then came back to our boat for a few more cocktails.  Magnus sat in the cockpit with us. I think he could smell George who was resting inside the boat.



S/V “Altera” is a Hallberg-Rassy 34.  Bryce heard Jeff hail the lock operator for a lock through coming up. So he went down and took a photo of Jeff and Chrissy’s boat.



Thank you for following us. Red rose

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