A Night Anchored in Cross Lake on the Erie Canal

Good morning everyone. I feel so refresh after spending the night on anchor. Well, we left Baldwinsville yesterday and made it nearly ten miles up the canal. LOL  It was so much fun. George was able to run around on deck last night. I was able to sit in my floating chair and Bryce took a nap. LOL We are headed up to Clyde today. That means we will pass through two locks E-25 (Mays Point) and E-26 Clyde.   The book says that there is a grocery store along with the Galen Museum on the Erie Canal.  I will keep you posted on the excitement of our quest.


I spent two hours floating…..Without worrying about sharks.



Along our path yesterday this was one of our starboard turns.  Another example of why our mast has to be down. (Duck)    I get a kick out of the sign it reads: 10 MPH and No Wake. Well, the problem with that is; I don’t know of a boat that can go 10 MPH and not be throwing a wake.LOL



Just on the other side of the bridge we noticed a few people fishing. I asked if they were catching any thing. All their heads shook no. Maybe it was just to hot for those fish to want to eat. I know when I am hot, I can’t eat. Unless I am in air conditioning of course.



This a picture of a man made cut in the canal that they made during the building of the canal.  When I look on the chart, It appears this cut was easier to dig rather than dredge a huge loop that was part of the original river.



This is one of the yards we passed.  I really like the thought of my own beach. With colorful furniture and of course  one of those umbrellas that has the Tiki stuff on it.  Now, I really want my own beach. I love dreaming LOL



Just turning into Cross Lake to put out the anchor. The lake is clean and we anchored in 19 feet of water in the WSW corner to help protect us from the winds.


Thank you all for following us. Red rose

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