Overnight at Clyde, New York

Well we made it to Clyde. It’s amazing all the free dockage there is on the Erie Canal. Here in Clyde we not only received free dockage but free electricity and pump-out along with water. We wandered into town last night after we tied up and had dinner. It is sad to see these older towns lose some of their businesses.  Especially considering the waterfront area the town occupies. We ate at the Brick Oven. It is listed as an Italian restaurant, but it had a wide variety of food.  And very good food!

We passed a local Sheriffs boat that was apparently patrolling the canal.



Bryce sat down for a bit while crew member Otto Pellot drove the boat and I took pictures.



We passed a grill/restaurant along the river.



Everyone needs a little bit of Paradise and its clear these people found theirs!!



The Erie Canal winds its way as we cruise up stream.



As we came up to Lock 25, we noticed a boat already in the lock.



After we stopped in the lock, we noticed it was a real paddle wheeler.  We took this picture as we passed it.  You can see the chain drive from the engine to the paddle wheel.  It was powered by a 1.8 L engine.



These is an unusual place to store someone’s propane tank??



The dockage at the town of Clyde is quite nice with water, electric pump out and a nice park like setting.  Everything was free!  We ran our air conditioning in the 90 degree weather which was great.  There are many marinas we have stayed at that did not provide this nice of a place.  This is easily one of the better stops we have had.  The Save-a-Lot grocery was only a short walk away, so provisions are very available here.  We don’t normally come to Save-a-Lot, but this one was a particularly nice one.



It was a short walk across the bridge from the dock to town.



We ate at Brickoven Restaurant.  The food was excellent and very reasonably priced.  They had everything from sandwiches for the more frugal budget to full meals.  They served breakfast lunch and diner.  One of the better places we have ate at on the Erie Canal.  They served some of the best sweet potato fries that we have had on the complete trip.  If you stop in Clyde, you must eat here.



The ambience was really great.  Nice metal ceiling and early era pictures of the Erie Canal and town.



Apparently the restaurant gets its name from this original two story oven that must have provided meals in the early years.  It has a huge rotating platform inside to allow cooking of a huge amount of food at once.  A series of belts and pulleys rotated the platform.  The lower story below floor provided the stoking area for wood or coal to heat the oven.



Here you can just see the huge rotating platform inside the oven opening.


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