Newark, NY to Fairport, NY on the Eire Canal

What a fabulous day. It’s very warm today. After a good breakfast in Newark NY, we headed to Fairport.   It was a lovely day motoring up the canal. I should add that with out using charts on our Garmin, Bryce has done a great job.  He is using the satellite of the area on Google maps just to get an idea how the river curves.  He also uses the paper charts.  When we arrived in Fairport, I didn’t think we would find an available spot.  I was ready to ask other boater to move their boats closer. There was so much room between them but not enough for us. Then we noticed a spot big enough.  I was so happy.  This seems like a neat place to explore. We are on the wall in Fairport New York. We have water and electricity. It coast $ 11 dollars a day over 40 feet. Tomorrow we are supposed to get thunderstorms and winds from the North at 14. So we are going to stay an extra day.   We will leave on Tuesday. Hope you all are enjoying your summer.

After leaving Newark the river widens up for a bit.



Another great straight away.  Cool view with the reflections.



I like seeing what other people do to enjoy the water.  These guys have a nice setup.



In this dam picture, there are three guys fishing off the side of the dam.  I am thinking they might catch a log.



This couple was having a great time fishing.  But they said the weren’t caching anything.



Look… there appears to be a fuse sticking out of that plastic jug hanging from the bridge!!!  Welcome to Palymyra. Why do and how do people hang things from the bridges? It’s a baffling thought in my head!Eye rolling smile



This poor boat is becoming a planter.  See the tree growing out of it.



I keep asking these Canadian geese if they have a US passport but they keep squeaking and walking away. LOL



We came upon lock E-29 near Palmyra.  Bryce hailed the lock operator and requested the lock open for a lift. As always they responded back and said it would just be a few.  He would get the lock ready for us. There was a little fishing boat going through with us. Notice the water bubbling by the door? That is the water coming out as the lock is being lowered. After the bubbles disappear, the doors can be opened.   Must also be a good place to fish.  We seem to see a lot of people fish near the locks.



To our surprise when the door opened I noticed a lot of paddling going on. I started to laugh. Of all our locking we have never seen kayakers come out of the locks.



We waited for them to get out of the way before we entered the lock. They were quite the chatter bunch too.



My loving husband didn’t do such a great job at slowing us down. My arms are getting a workout.



Every time a boat goes through the locks, the lock master has to record the number from your permit.



Every lock has these signs for boater info.  We are Westbound so we only have 3 miles till our next lock E-30



This is the old lock 60 off in the distance.



We came across this cute little dam while heading to our next lock.



We had to pass through two more bridges before we made it to Lock E-30 at Macedon.



Boy… one more nice thing about the Erie Canal they have an awesome bike/walking path.



Okay notice people walking up to the lock? They are coming to see us get lifted up. 7 more miles to Fairport. That is where we will try and get a place to stay for the night.



I said smile You’re on Janie’s camera…LOL  We always talk to people as we lock through.  They are often full of questions.



Although he doesn’t look so friendly he is.



This fisherman followed us through two locks.  He said he was finally at his home port.  We talked to him in the locks.



I call this the liquid lunch bridge because its tilted on the right side.  I think when it came time to pour the concrete for the right side of the bridge, someone had a one to many at lunch time. Mug



Once again, we saw one of these canal boats.



I have to laugh.  We travel so slow even the bikes are beating us.  These bikers are riding on the bike path at the edge of the canal.  The guy in blue was waiting at Fairport to help us tie up!!  He had already finished lunch.



The train tracks run near the canal.



I wouldn’t call this a mural but I guess someone had something to say.



This is Doug; the Fairport Dockmaster.  He brought us a package with coupons, maps, and a tinny flashlight in it.  Thank you Doug. That was really nice. OH.. See the purple sticker on the window that is our Eire Canal pass.



This is the overview of what the wall looks like. A few more little boats came in and a few more cruisers had to continue on. One thing to remember to all our friends who have tall antennas on the bridges.. fold them down. We watched a fellow boater come under the bridge and his VHF antenna snapped.



What a cute Dockmaster station.  This is where Doug is stationed.


Thank you for following usRed rose Hope your having a great summer.

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