Enjoying a Day In Fairport, NY on The Eire Canal

What another good morning.  Bryce is working and am talking to you. It couldn’t be any better. Okay, maybe I could have my toes in the sand. LOL This afternoon we are going to explore town. I have a few things I want to pick up. This is really a cute place. We have 82 miles left of the Eire canal. So I am thinking by next weekend our sails might be back up and we will be sailing Lake Eire.  Okay, our boater friends! One thing you must all know; there is no diesel around for miles. We tried to find diesel at the local gas station to fill our cans; but No diesel only gas. We have enough to make the next 82 miles.  Actually we have nearly full tanks, but we like to keep our cans full too.


Right here in town, in front of us, is a bridge. It rises up and down to let boats pass.  It is about one hundred years old.



This is so cool. You can actually still walk on the bridge after it rises up. See the stairs going to the top.  The stairs allow you to walk on the raised bridge.  This is very unique for a raised bridge.  You can also see the Colonial Belle (boat) approaching the bridge.  Also unique for the bridge is that it tilts down on one side and the two ends are not square, nor parallel.  So no 90 degree angles on this lift bridge!!  Apparently unique in all the world.



This is the home of the Bridge Master. He controls the up’s and down’s of the bridge. He also blows a loud horn when the bridge is going to open.  You can see the stairs on the other side that allow you to walk up to the raised bridge.



Look… Beauty has a dirty nose again.. I will call it the Eire Canal smile..Smile



So this is some of the stuff that was in our package that we received yesterday that I told you about in the last blog. I am going to go use a few of these coupons. Ice cream Factory I will see you soon. We got a 10% off coupon on any order of $ 5.00 or more.  There really is a lot to do here and on the Eire canal. It is an interesting adventure spot.



It rained most of the morning so I stayed in and did laundry. Then sometime around 2 o’clock we went out to the Irish Pub and had lunch.



After the rain stopped we were able to go for a small walk. This is SAL. Do you know the song of Sal? on the Erie Canal? “She’s a good old worker and a good old gal.. 15 years on the Erie Canal..”  Bryce is feeding her a bit of ice cream.



This is the walking area on the bridge. We were able to walk on it in the raised position; but dummy me forgot to take a picture.



This is Fairport village. The Red Bird Market is the closest market to pick up food. They have mostly specialty thing such as noodles and Dry herbs. They did have basic items such as ice cream and milk too. I cannot believe how early everything closes up.   However, the Red Bird Market is open till 7 pm.



This is the other part of town.  Many of the stores, restaurants and bars  are underneath the buildings.



As we were drinking our morning coffee, we heard the horn blow from the bridge. It was one of the rental canal boats going under the bridge or the bridge was going up for the canal boat…LOL  If you look close, you can see a person just left of the sign in the middle.  Again, this is unique that you can walk the raised bridge.  We also did it!!


Thank you for following us. Red rose

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