Traveling up the Erie to Bushnell’s Basin,NY

OM! The funniest thing happened to us.. We made it I think 5 miles further up river. We found the cutest place to stop at. We bypassed it and people were waving and trying to talk to us. Bryce asked if I wanted to turn around. I smiled and said I think it is a good idea. Boy, it truly was. Remember yesterday when I said there was no diesel fuel anywhere around? This is no joke and why you should carry cans with you. Right up the hill maybe 200 feet is Hess gas station. They are the only place around with diesel.  So make it on your map that if you need diesel. This is the place. Hess gas station is also where you pay for the dockage. $ 11.00 for us overnight with water and electricity and pump-out. You just cannot beat it.

Hess gas station 200 feet from the boat perfect. Great reason to carry diesel cans with us.



It’s so hard to believe that these gates block the water from flowing down river.



I think it would be so neat to decorate this dock.



I just love seeing people riding there bikes and walking. Not always, but I think for the most part, people are friendlier when they are doing some form of activity.



I was thinking this little boat would make a good day boat.



As we traveled up the river we waved at all the people. I love to see them smile.



We passed under this bridge just before the dock.



This is a restaurant just across the road from the dock.  They had small bon fires and a huge gathering of people just before dark.  We wished we had waited to eat here rather than a late lunch on the boat.



This is the name of the area we docked at.



And here we are. It sure is a pleasant place to visit..



The bike and walking trail follows the Erie Canal.



Bryce and I took a walk on the trail path.



It is funny; we heard music and followed it through a path. We stumbled into a antique car show.  But the music playing was incredible. The group is called “It’s My Party”.  The singers are backed by an eight–piece ensemble.  This is a 1960’s girls group.  Their clothes are tailored to the 60’s.  Notice the go-go boots, mini-skirts and hair style.



Here are a few cars from the show that was on display. We arrived late. I love it when that happens. I don’t really know what these cars are they just look pretty. Bryce said this is a 39 Ford.



A Chevy Ambulance.



A 1957 Willys Jeep.



A 340 Duster.






This is an early to mid-30s Ford IIRC.



Then we enjoyed our walk back to the other side of the canal.



I do believe they are practicing for a race. They didn’t even crack a smile!



Bryce just finished up with his custard root beer float. He said it was delicious.



We enjoyed incredible evening with our new friends  Edy & Eddie (sp?). They are touring the canal on a rented canal boat. They are from Brooklyn, NY



We watched the Colonial Belle pass us by as it was giving a tour of the canal.



As always thank you for following us. Red rose

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