Brockport, NY – Erie Canal

It was a quick trip to Brockport.  It was merely 8 miles from Spencerport.  What a great port to stop at. It is very clean, and has water and electricity.  Brockport is the home of the “State University of New York” nick-named SUNY “soon-ee”.  Brockport is definitely a college town.  What a fun place to visit. We visited with some new friends last evening for a few hours. While we visited with them, the Village of Brockport had a 16 piece orchestra playing on the patio near the boats. They played a variety of music.  Later after we left, we took an evening walk through town and munched ice cream cones.  The town bustled with college kids.  Lots of places to eat here.

Remember yesterday when I said we had something like 16 horizontal lift bridges to go through? This is the lift bridge at Spencerport as we left.



This is another Lift bridge at Adams Basin (Bridge E-178). The bridge operator asked if we were headed to the next bridge in Brockport and if we were planning to stop between the to lift bridges in the Village of Brockport? We answered yes, if there was room for us. He said of course there is room. I will be down there too to lift the next bridge for you.  Some of the bridge operators control more then one bridge. Notice the stairway at each end and walk path that allow you to walk the bridge while it is raised.  It is so cool to walk up on the raised bridge and watch a boat pass underneath.



The river continued to twist & turn.  This is one of the many fixed bridges over the canal.



Here is a marina we passed along the way. You can stop in and rent water bikes, paddleboats, canoes and kayaks.  Not sure if the marina was deep enough for deep draft boats.   In any case, we were headed for Brockport.



This was weird for me to see cars on one side and a bike path on the other.  I felt like I should be back on the Intracoastal. Maybe just for a day. Smile



We made it to Brockport. This is the Park Ave Lift Bridge (E-181). See how low they are to the canal?  These older lift bridges are 100 years old!!



We took a place to tie up for the night at Brockport.  As you can see, it is very clean and well manicured.  The Erie Canal towns provide some of the nicest places to tie up that we have seen on the complete trip.  And often, it is free or low priced. You know, one thing I haven’t said…. is that you can do laundry here too; for free.



The Village of Brockport also has FREE bikes you you to ride. It cost us $15 for the night. Very little for what all we get. The price goes down for boats under 40 feet.



This is Carl & Linda Griffith they are from Saskatchewan Canada. What a nice couple.  They had a nice aft cabin power boat. The invited us down for cocktails. We listen to the orchestra while we visited with them.  You can see the orchestra in the background.



I felt bad for this Orchestra.. It was so hot in the sun and the small breeze kept blowing the sheet music.



Later that evening, we took a walk around town and had an ice-cream.  It was a great night for a walk.  Here you can see Beauty floating calmly in the canal.



The Lift Bridge Book Shop is known as one of the best book stores in western NY.  This picture shows the huge mural painted above the store.


Than you for following us. Red rose

One thought on “Brockport, NY – Erie Canal

  1. The first picture, of the rounded top brown bridge is in Fairport, not Spencerport. Spencerport’s lift bridge is squared & green, just like the Adam’s Basin bridge, & Park Ave, & Main St. Bridges in Brockport.


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