Holley, NY–Erie Canal

A short trip of about 5 miles, we cruise to Holley. Holley is a quite nice spot to tie up.  Docking, water, electric and pump-out is free.  Holley has this very unique water falls.  The water comes out of the Erie Canal.  It flows down a short white water stream, then cascades over a 50 foot water fall shown in the picture below.  It then flows in a horseshoe path around picnic area, then flows through a tunnel back under the Erie Canal to the opposite side.



From the Erie Canal above the falls, the water gushes through a gate valve.  An overflow dam is seen just in back of the bubbling water.



The water then flows through a spectacular white water mixing bowl before going over the falls.



Finally, the water flows over the top of the falls.



It’s a bit intimidating as I hang over the falls.



It then hustles down the rocks to the pool below.



The water flows over a small rapids..



Finally the water gurgles past Bryce’s toes.



Lastly, through the tunnel underneath and to the opposite side of the Erie Canal.



The park had this interesting bird house that I thought was awesome.



Holley is a cute town with restaurants and a grocery store.



The dock facilities are quite good.  This path leads to the top of the falls, then around past the old Erie Canal down to the bottom of the falls.



We ran into “Dick” again, who we met a few times along our trip through the Canal.  He has a small trawler up here and a larger one in Florida. Hmm.. looks like these two need to swap shirts eh??



An for those of you that wonder.. Every once in a while, I pilot the boat in addition to my task of giving orders. LOL  Notice George bundled under his towel on the right side of the picture.  It doesn’t matter if it 40 degrees or 95 degrees.  He’s buried under his towel!!



Thanks for reading our Blog Red rose

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