Back on Lake Erie headed to Dunkirk, NY

Good morning from Dunkirk, NY. What a night.  We stumbled into a Thursday night music night on the dock with a band called “Town Pants”. I know it’s a weird name, but they were really good. They played Irish music. We had a good day motoring across Lake Erie… No wind.   We did put the sails up once we left Buffalo but had to take them down with no wind. Now today, they say winds should be 10-15 NNE that should make for a great day of sailing. We are planning to make it to Erie, PA tonight.


I had to show you all that with all the cleaning Bryce did, Beauty collected another dirty nose from the Erie Canal. LOL



What a cloudy day we had. There just wasn’t enough sun to burn off the smog.  This is the lake view of Buffalo, NY as we left.



You can tell how hazy it was in the back ground.  Bryce put the head sail on the storm track trying to run very close to the wind; but that didn’t work very well.



So after getting the sails up and getting out into the lake.. only to not be able to sail….Sad smile What else was there better to do than Bryce sleep and Jane pilot.  LOL  It was a calm day on Lake Erie.



As we headed to Dunkirk, their power plant guided us into the harbor.



The harbor entrance is right near the power plant.



The closer we motored in, the channel widen up.  This area is really pretty.  It does feel good to be back out into the open again. I enjoy the variety of lakes, oceans, river and ICW. They each had their own flavor.



This band is from Canada. They are called “Town Pants”. Apparently they are real popular here in New York. The will be playing in Buffalo this weekend.



Wow.. we were able to sit on the side of the boat and listen to music and people watch.  Later we walked towards the tents and picked up a Philly Steak & Cheese sandwich.  Bryce had a cheese burger.  Here is a picture from the bow of the boat.



Although boats are on the sea wall, not too many here.  I think it is because there are several marinas within walking distance. It was a fun night several people came by and wanted to know where we were from.  It was kind of hard to hear them with the band so close. We were offered a free night at the Yacht club, but we were already settled on the wall for the night. But a Big Thank you for the offer.



Finally the sun, that wasn’t out until the last hour of the day, came to give us a pretty sunset.


Thank you all for following us. Red rose

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