Cruise to the city of Erie, Pennsylvania

Well, it’s another good day but we did have thunderstorms during the night. With projected storms and winds we decided to stay an extra night here at Erie,PA what a beautiful park. We have been here now by car and boat. It sure is a nice place on Lake Erie; with great anchorage.  Yesterday, on our way here, it sure was a delight to be able to sail.  The light 8-12 mph winds were coming from the North East just off our Starboard rear.  We zipped along at a blazingly fast 5.5-6.5 mph.


Here I am enjoying the sail.



One thing I enjoy doing when we sail only a mile from shore is to view the shoreline.  The tall rock cliffs are so neat.  It would be nice to explore them; but it seems like we are now on a time crunch.



Yes, we are sailing on the lake on a sunny day. This is a view from the cockpit of Beauty.



Just to give you a flavor of sailing, here is a view looking back from the bow of Beauty.  In case you are wondering, our crew member Otto Pelot is at the helm.



The tall smoke stacks I believe are from a power company. First sign that we are getting close to our anchorage for the night in Erie Pennsylvania.  Yes, some where along the coastline, we finally sailed out of New York.



As we came upon the entrance to Erie  PA, I noticed this Kayaker.  He really did look to be having a hard time going against the wind.



It is always nice to see people fishing. I sure hope they are catching something.  This is the entrance to the bay at Erie, PA.



I took this photo after we entered the bay.  It shows the deep water channel that leads out into Lake Erie.  The sun light was better in this direction. LOL



This is the city of Erie PA. There is a huge bay that is the size of a lake. We are anchored in a smaller bay near by that protects us from the winds.



The Bay at Erie Pennsylvania is called Presque Isle Bay.  We are anchored at the small blue dot in the middle of the picture.



Sunset has ended our day.


Thank you all for following us on our adventureRed rose

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