Erie, PA (Presque Isle Bay)


Good morning everyone, sure hope you are having a pleasant morning. After spending the weekend in Erie, PA (Presque Isle Bay),  We headed up to Ashtabula, Ohio. It was a great day of sailing. We had our share of thunderstorms over the weekend. But we were able to get out and explore in between them so I that I could share Erie, PA (Presque Isle Bay), with you all. For those of you not familiar with Erie, PA (Presque Isle Bay),  It is a natural harbor on the Great Lakes. The Erie state park peninsula nearly  encircles Erie harbor. The peninsula connects the mainland by a narrow neck at its west end.  The Presque Isle Bay is 4.5 miles long. and 1.5 wide.  So the harbor is a small lake filled with boaters. The city of Erie lies a long the southern shore.


How about a floating home on the water? Unbelievable.. The only way they can get to there homes is by some foam of watercraft.  There was a small subdivision of floating homes on the eastern side of the harbor in a small protected bay.



You can see some of the folks use jet-skis, boats , kayaks and so on.



We moseyed on over to Rum Runners for lunch. This pirate ship showed up and threaten harm to the patrons.  It started a war.  LOL   Even the kids grabbed a squirt gun and were able to defend Rum Runners in the harbor.  It was tons of fun for all.



We took the Jet-ski out and explored Lake Erie along the shoreline.  What a nice ride it was.  We saw this water fall. But I am sure it has a lot to do with the down pour we been getting.



I don’t think I could do the last part of this staircase. LOL



It appears they are filling in some areas where the shoreline is receding.



Another water fall..



J.S. ST. Huron (Erie) is a dredger. Boy, it looks so narrow.  We are so used to seeing the huge barge dredgers. The next day as we left Erie Pa, this vessel was gone.  Perhaps she was out making a new path for all of us.



Well… I think this sucker upper is very powerful… Looks at rocks..  This is the inlet to the dredger.  It works like a huge vacuum cleaner.



When the tour ships come in to port you can go up this tower and view the harbor.



What a pretty hotel the Sheraton is. The sky walk is about 70 feet. So if you have a lower mast you will make it under it.  Wolverine Marina and a Yacht Club are through here.



Behind the Sheraton Hotel, there is a two hour dock you can use to explore town or go out for dinner.



I was a little late at grabbing the camera.  This bay was loaded with boats. The rain and thunderstorms didn’t bother anyone.



Beauty is anchored and loving it. The water depth is 14 feet. Tons of sailboats and powerboats are able to enjoy this bay. it has to be one of the most protective bays we have been in. We floated in our chairs and just did some good relaxing.


Thank you for following us. Red rose

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