Detroit River, Michigan

Our adventure continues on for a bit longer today. It really wasn’t so hot for sailing. We put out the head sail and it helped some. But we went against the current of nearly 2-3 mph which sometimes dropped our speed down below 4 mph.  We finally got out of the Detroit River after about 6 hours. Anyways with that said I am switching subjects now!!  LOL..  You know I am not sure but I have read that animals remember where their homes are.  Do you believe that?  I am asking because George’s nose keeps wiggling as if he is sniffing the air remembering all the different places he was once the closer we get to home.


His personality has changed too. Nothing seems to be bothering him.   It’s as if he knows we will be home soon. (weird) Sarcastic smile     I am waiting to see if he jumps off the boat like he normally does as we are docking up. He normally runs to the back door to get into the house.  He has been a great cat to travel with.  He only jumped off the boat once to eat grass.  I think that was because that was the only time he saw grass.  LOL.. I must say though, he really has adjusted to sailing.  Now-a-days, when we invite people on the boat, he doesn’t runaway and hide.  Have you ever thought back why sailors didn’t mind cats on there boats?  I think George put out a certain aroma that keeps certain creatures from coming aboard Beauty.

Okay… enough about George…

As we traveled up the river towards Detroit from Stay Bay (Stoney Island), I noticed this buoy with all the birds on it.  I think they were having a class reunion or something….LOL



We continued on and were passed by the U.S. Coast Guard. I just think it is so cool to look at all the many types of vessels that travel through the waters.  Among other things, this Coast Guard boat has bubblers/water jets on its hull to help beak apart ice flows.



This small water plant sets in Canada and it is the Detroit water system.  According to the GPS it sits in Canadian waters.



Okay…if you are traveling up river for the first time, this is the view that you have on the starboard side when you enter the industry area along the shoreline  of Detroit River and Canada.



When you make your slight turn one of the first things you’ll notice is the Blue building on your Port side.  This is the Great Lakes Works.  It is located in the community of Ecorse and River Rouge, Michigan and situated along the Detroit River.



The Great lake Works consists of both steelmaking and is a finishing facility.  They produce such things as hot-rolled, cold-rolled and coated sheets of steels.  That are used in the automotive industry.  Yea; I love to see our jobs here at home.



This building is also part of the Great Lakes Works.  I don’t want to bore you.  I am just very proud of Michigan and love to see jobs.



This is a Canada Steamship either unloading or loading on the Canadian shoreline.



An Army Core Of Engineers facility.  These guys are responsible for all the large water ways.  Except for the Erie Canal.



As you passed under the Ambassador Bridge….



Look to the Starboard side, which is Canada.  Of course, that is only if you are coming from the south. This is a park that they display the Canada and U.S.A. Flag.  I think that is beautiful.



On the other side of the river sits Detroit.  I must say, if you ever get the change to sail at night, this is the most awesome view you will see.  You will hear the sounds of laughter from the city.  You will hear the trains from the steel industry.  NO….Gun fire!!!  That is for a friend who thinks she hears gun fire in Detroit! LOL



You can come to Detroit and take a ride on the Detroit Princess.  It normally travels for 2-3 hours and takes you on a journey from hart Plaza past the Ambassador Bridge and just past the Belle Isle then to the dock.  They offer dinner cruises and lunch cruises; even a moonlight cruise.  For you fall lovers,  they offer a fall color cruise. You will hear the tones of the Musical Melodies and Motown Memories and Big Band.  Okay, now I want to go.  LOL   Have funRed rose



On the other side of the river, we were passed by Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  You can see they were waving to us.



On the Canadian side you can see Caesar’s  Casino They offer lots of entertainment.



As we cruised out of the river, we were past by several freighters.  Isn’t she pretty. Algosea is her name..



Belle Isle Park.  One thing you will notice as you travel along the Detroit River is the Belle Isle DNR Park. It is rich with history..  They had marinas…Yacht clubs in the past but I didn’t notice any during my research.



We finally made it out of the river and are headed to our anchorage for the night.  We often like to anchor about 5  miles from the Detroit River in Lake St Clair near Grosse Point Farms between two Yacht clubs and in front of a church. Thank you all for following us on our adventure Red rose

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