Put-In-Bay, OH, Lake Erie

After reaching Put-N-Bay on Thursday afternoon. We were able to prevision for our trip home this following week.  Boy, I think the water taxi driver never though he would stop hearing.. ”Water Taxi can we get a pick-up on ball G-1 please?” We must of called for a pick-up 5 times.. LOL But we got everything we needed.  Friday afternoon, after the thunderstorms with 30 knot winds passed through we thought it would be a good time to go exploring.  We meet a really nice couple John and Sandy from Michigan on the water taxi.  They were headed to the Goat Restaurant and invited us to go with them.  It was so much fun.  Their boat was right next to us on a mooring ball. The weather map doesn’t look good for a Sunday departure & maybe not even on Monday.

Dark skys rolled in and dumped rain & wind on us.  Before the storm even started, all mooring balls were taken. You can see a few left in this photo. But as I was taking this photo, boats were coming in left & right.



Boats came in from every direction to grab a mooring ball; but soon they were full.  Not enough to go around.  So boat just pointed there nose in to the wind and road it out.  Dozens of sailboats came in from a race, they rafted off in the marina.  It was quite hectic.



These guys are trying to find a ball.



Our Friday afternoon with our new friends John & Sandy



This is a really nice place to eat.  But don’t eat to much. Because Ice-cream and desserts await downstairs.



Saturday was another nice day. We took the diesel cans into the board walk and filled them up for our way home incase we have no wind.  Bryce is taking the cans back to the boat.  This is a picture of the water taxi.  Rides are free with mooring on a ball.



One of our favorite things to do is to visit the pool bars and enjoy a few drinks.  This one is called Splash!  I like this one. It’s my favorite; but on Saturday it was wall to wall bodies no room for even a toe to get in.  LOL.. I didn’t take my camera because I didn’t want to leave it unattended while we were in the pool. We went back on Sunday to take the photo below.  I think Sunday might have been the best day to enjoy the pool.  Almost no one here.



Well, I don’t remember the name of this pool area, but we call it the Wild one.  It focuses on the younger generation; however, we always have a few beers here also.  Again, this picture was taken on Sunday, so few people are here.  Imagine standing room only in this pool.. That is how it was Friday and Saturday.



A few years or so ago, we found a third pool area to visit.  Crash Landing…. It is my second favorite.  It is a bit more family oriented.  It has two large pool areas and two pool bars.



Not so many people here on Sunday. There is also a second pool & hot tub across from this area.  This was much less crowded than earlier in the weekend.



We decided to take the jeep train around the Island to pick up a few bottles of champagne.  It’s $10 per person and is the best way to see the island.



Here we are on the jeep train.. ready to leave the station.



I have to laugh… This young lady saw Bryce taking pictures and yells.. Out Take my photo…..



Along our adventures here on Put-n-Bay we like to stop at Heineman Winery and pick up Champagne & wine. Today we only picked up some Champagne and Sparkling Wine.



At Heineman Winery, I tested a few reds.  They didn’t have any Merlot. Sad smile



We went across the street to Perry’s Cave and had a hot dog & visited the antique cars.



Although this is very small pole barn, it was worth the stop.  It is the biggest collections of Antique cars on Put-in-Bay.. Smile



How cool is this 1924 model T snowmobile?  I think it would be a blast to take a ride in one. Poor Bryce is carrying my Champagne.



I like this yellow car the best….



They have antique bikes hanging on the walls…



A few moments later they had a antique car parade come through the area. I like this car-boat also.  It has two propellers and drives in the water!! Notice the Ohio boat registration numbers on the side!!



It is always so nice to see people take pride in their dreams.



After we got back on the train, we passed by the Heineman Winery Vineyards…



We have never stopped here.



This is a fun place to have a few cocktails..



As we were waiting for the arrival of the water taxi we sat on the bench and looked around and talked to the people setting next to us.  When the water taxi approached the sea wall… This beautiful young lady with a sparkling smile said… Hello Bryce and Jane… Welcome back.. It was Michelle & Bryan and their two adorable children Claire & Luke.   Below is a great picture of them with both our sailboats in the back ground along with Perry’s Monument.  They had just sailed from Michigan on  the western shore of Lake Erie. It was great to see them.



Michelle handed me a present.  I didn’t get a chance to open it till later that night after we arrived back to our boat. I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t thank you all enough for this….  For those of you that don’t remember, a shot of Goldschlager is required for me per lock to steady my nerves.



We finally needed to head back. We had plans to met up with Brain & Melanie some good friends of ours around 7:00 p.m They toasted with a bottle of champagne to our first year long trip…



What an amazing night with the sunset. With great friends all round us…It was perfect!!!! Michelle and Brian, notice your sailboat in in the sunset…Red rose



Thank you all for following us….Red rose

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