Mackinac & Charlevoix

We pulled into Mackinac for an over night stay. It was extremely windy even at the states docks. We walked around the city and despite  cool temp & wind we had a Diary Queen. The following morning we left early to make it to Charlevoix. It was an 8  hour run under motor sail. Not sure what is going on weather wise but the winds are blowing on our nose. We anchored one night in Lake Charlevoix South-West side with a sandy bottom that had great holding power. Two nights in the marina. We both got a bit restless and headed back out to the often bouncy Lake Michigan….to be continued  

Pulling out of the State Docks with a great view of the Mackinaw Bridge.


Passing under the bridge…It isn’t a big deal passing under the bridge just pretty cool.


We past our most northern point of the trip.  Bryce doing is happy dance for me…. I think maybe what’s in the solo cup makes him Happy. LOL


It was a bit overcast as we came into the channel of Charlevoix.  Winds died down.


It was so pretty pulling into the Pine River…LOL not our Kayaking Pine River to all our Kayaking friends.


That Big White boat behind us is a 130 foot vessel. Named Three Sons…Should have “My” in font of  “Three Sons” ..LOL


Looking forward we had to wait for the bridge to open it opens every 1/2 hour or on the hour.


Here Is a view of Beauty in her slip.. It was nice and wide and a great marina.


We had the opportunity to met some really good people. The photo below shows Shari and Richard. They were on the Hatteras  next to us. We enjoyed some time with them in the early afternoon on our boat. The following morning we enjoyed a visit with them on their lovely boat. Can’t wait to see them again.   We also had a great evening together with three looper boats:  Marshall, Judy, Mike, Tammi, Bev and Bruce.  We expect to see more of them further on.  Unfortunately, no pictures of them.


There was so much to see and do in Charlevoix that we will have do do another trip there.


Thanks for following us. Red rose 

Jane & Bryce

2 thoughts on “Mackinac & Charlevoix

  1. Hi Jane & Bryce,
    How nice it is to follow you again. Wish the weather was warmer for you two,
    BTW We were on Mackinac Island the same time you in Mackinaw City. Spent 5 nights there. We must have just passed each other. Us on the ferry and you on your boat.
    Don’t worry about your jack stands they will be fine in my yard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to hear from you. Hope you had a great time on Mackinaw Island. Thank you about the stands. Remember you two are welcome to join us anytime this winter when you have a bit of free time.


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