Anchorage Willow Island, Illinois River, Mile Marker 30

Traveling down the river today was quite peaceful.  Our trip on the Illinois River might be coming to an end Wednesday. We are on our last stretch of thirty miles which brought us to an anchorage behind Willow Island for the night.  This has to be the best well protected anchorage we have had on the Illinois River.  The water depth is 17 feet. This is a nice wide area to anchor in. We had hardly any movement all night. George was able to play on deck all night. The weather map shows a possibility of rain and South winds.  So without a doubt, winds on our nose will have an effect on our speed.

The Trackmytour map allows us to show you all the places we have stopped along the river and how far we have traveled. If you don’t hear from us for a while and wanted to see where we have been or just our last whereabouts this website will show you:  We update this every day.


Most of our scenery today was houses on stilts.  The homes a built like this to withstand the massive flooding in the Spring.


I wonder if this home floated away.  The only thing left is the chimney and foundation.


So I also wonder if it is better to have a home on bricks or stilts? This home is on a tall building block first floor.


So as I focus my attention back on the river, I noticed we are starting to see the scenery changing to a bit more hilly. 


This is so cool..a floating picnic table. It even has a place for the umbrella. Presumably, someone ties it to a tree and they just enjoy a day floating on the water. 


Wow… these houses are on really tall stilts.


Doesn’t this look like it would be a good murder mystery place?  Perhaps even a masquerade party. Gosh, now I want to go to a party..LOL


We came along our first car ferry today along the river.  Bryce haled him on the VHF to see which side he wanted us to pass on. He replied back to us telling us to keep coming forward. He would wait for us to pass him.


Thanks for following usRed rose

2 thoughts on “Anchorage Willow Island, Illinois River, Mile Marker 30

  1. Jane, have been following y’all for a long time…well since you left the Bahamas last year. Have never done the loop, but did go to the Bahamas several times. Have been wondering what the current is in the river and what your speed over land is? Love the pictures and your comments too! Thanks for posting Ann

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    1. Hello Ann, first of all thanks for following us. Yes, we have done the loop and as you know the Bahamas. The current varies from 0 to 4 mph. Always traveling with the current except a short stretch in the Ohio river. We are on our way back to the Bahamas. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. Jane


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