12 Mile Island, Illinois River to Alton, Mississippi River

We are officially back on the Mississippi River.  The clouds have finally rolled in to bring a few rain showers and cooler weather. Actually it’s is a it’s a welcome delight. On our last trip down we stayed in Grafton. This year we decided to give Alton a try.  Grafton was a $1.30 a foot for dockage. Alton was 1.00 a foot for dockage. I have to get laundry done in Alton so the cool weather is welcome.  Well if you consider 82 a cool down.  Alton Marina had a laundry room. It was a dollar to use the washer and a dollar for the dryers; not bad. The local grocery store came to the marina to pick us up and they brought us back after we got our groceries.

It is so funny to see George up during the day while we are going down the river.  His little sniffer was sniffing something. Maybe he just liked watching the rain.


The rain started early this morning. Bryce decided it was a good time to clean the boat during the rain.


On our last post I posted the home on stilts. This time they used the space under the house for garages.


This is Brussel car ferry.  You can see how smooth the river is today.


This is where the Illinois River Meets the mighty Mississippi.


Just before Alton on the Mississippi River such a spectacular view.


We went into the Argosy casino for dinner we ate at the buffet. The food was delicious.


Thanks for following us. Red rose

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