Anchorage at Mile Marker 83 to Cape Girardeau, MO

OH My Gosh…My heart, I mean My heartRed heart was beating so fast for a moment; I was unsteady with my balance.  Bryce was up on deck pulling up the anchor and I’m at the helm until Bryce has the anchor secure. I motored between the green buoys.  Bryce came back to the cockpit gave me my kiss that he always does at this point. I decided it was time for a beverage so I went down to the galley. When all of a sudden it felt as if Bryce lost control of the boat. I dropped what I was doing and headed back up the steps. Beauty suddenly swerved and heeled at least 5 or so degrees.

I asked what happened. Bryce had the auto pilot on and she went over another darn whirlpool.    I picked up my camera and I had to get a picture. I think I was in that fight-flight mode.

There were several of these one right after another. We watched the tows come through and the create a standing wave. It is awesome to see.


With beverage in hand we recuperated. Funny story; when we ended our last adventure I packed away Bryce’s electrical charger cord for his shaver. So he cannot use his shaver. I handed him one of my pink manual shavers. With a huge apology. I think our fist trip to Walmart calls for a new shaver.  This is a typical warm day going up the river for us.  Our German/French crew member Otto Pillote is driving.


Bryce said Jane look they’re riding 4 wheelers on the beach.  Looks like there is a campground next to it.   At times like this, I miss our quads.  We sold most of our toys when we ventured into traveling on Beauty.


The huge rock is an island.  But there is a 5 mph current around it.  So needs the jet-ski to get to.


This is a huge dredging barge for the Army Corp of Engineers.  Looks like a hotel to me.  It sucks the water/sand from the bottom of the river and sends the mixture to shore through a large floating pipeline.


Look at the long floating pipeline. I wonder how much pressure of water it takes to move the sand?


You can see some sand in the water being blown to the shoreline.  There is a guy in the little shack at the end of the floating pipe who controls where the sand/water mixture goes.  Thank you Army Core of Engineers for making our sandy beaches.


The river was so peaceful today. It was like motoring though glass.


Looks Like they are creating more beaches…


I think the Coast Guard found a new storage area for the buoys.


We came around the bend of the river and could see Cape Girardeau, MO


Just before we passed under the bridge along the shoreline we noticed a barge you can tie upon to to go into to town.  There were two reproduction square riggers there.


We are anchored directly across the river from this dry dock


After we anchored for the night, it started to rain.  We looked behind us to see the water drain off the road above the bridge. The streams look like little waterfalls.  You have to look closely.  We once again found the perfect anchorage. We are anchored in 22 feet of water and get this; we are in an eddy with no current.  The MM is 55.1 tonight our menu for the night:  Bryce grilled chicken for me and we had left over green bean casserole and pork-n-beans.


We are slowly moving down the Mississippi:


I wanted to add our oldest granddaughter was on the Home Coming Court.  Hannah we are very proud of you.  Hope you enjoyed your evening sweetie. You sure are Beautiful. Thanks for sending us your photos


After the rain and dinner we went up to watch the sunset and have our evening beverage. I could hear the sound of this gyro-coper; but I was to late to get a picture. Bryce told me how close it was to us. At sunset they came back around and we snapped a pic.


The sunset was in the clouds to night. Some light did come though.


Thanks for following usRed rose

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