Cape Girardeau, MO to Mile Marker 25 On the Mississippi

What a crazy night! We had a thunderstorms and windstorms. Our anchorage was great the anchor held with out any issues.  According to the news and our Wind Alert app, we had winds from 39-70 mph. Bryce was checking our position on a regular basis. What a great guy.  Around 11:00 p.m. Things slowed down a bit and we went to sleep.  Watching the news on TV during the storm, homes around us had roofs blown off and trees down.

However, yesterday was another beautiful day on the Mississippi River. It was indeed a day of tows passing by. Every day we pull up anchor and move on down the river we fall in love all over again. We think the Mississippi has a magical spell over us.

The Christopher Myskoski.


Christopher was pushing 4 rows by 7 barges long. That comes out to 28 barges.  So one barge equals about 70 Semi trucks. This means this 28 barge comes out to 1,960 Semi trucks… Here is another fun fact: One loaded covered hopper barge carries 58,333 bushels of wheat, enough to make about 2.5 million loaves of bread. I love bread Red heart


This guy is getting loaded with some type of grain.


This beach area was at least 2 miles long.  We love the beaches on the Mississippi.


It is so wild to see these huge tows and barges make a turn on a curve.  This is our anchorage.  Well out of the way of tows in 11 feet of water and 1.2 mph current.


I wanted to show you how a wave builds behind a tow.  Even after a 1/2 mile, the rollers are still there!!  Interestingly enough, the major waves travel behind the tow rather than angular like a typical power boat.  The angular waves subside shortly after the tow passes. So our anchorage in the river is not affected much by the tows.  And we most always anchor on inside corners where tows often slow down.  But the back waves often go for a mile.


These guys are building what appears to be another groyne.


Here is a photo of the sandy beach we anchored next to. These trees did not protect us much from the really high winds last night.


After we are safely anchored or in a marina somewhere, I click on to Trackmytour and log our position.  I add a photo of where we are and put in info like last night: Tonight we anchored at what is called Brown’s Bar at Mile Marker 25. We anchored in 11.5 feet of water. The current is 1.2 mph and the water temp is 74.4. We anchored next to a sandy beach. Bryce will also write a review and post it on Active Captain for other boaters to see.


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