Brown’s Bar, Mississippi River Mile Marker 25 to Mile Marker 1

Yesterday we traveled 24 miles.  It was overcast and chilly.  Today is the same.  High of 68.  It wouldn’t be bad if the sun would shine.  We anchored one mile before we make our turn into the Ohio River. Today is my last post on the Mississippi until the next time we travel down the Mississippi.  LOL.. There will be another sequel..

We are anchored off the southern point of Angelo Island; Mile marker 1 in Ohio. We still have one mile to go before we are out of the Mississippi River and into the Ohio River. The depth is 18 feet and the current Is 0.5 mph water temp is 72.5


We both need to come to shore and relax. It was great to stretch our legs.  So we dropped the jet-ski in and headed to the “Beach”.  LOL.. As usual: Bryce is in a swim suit; I am in a sweater.  I think he is trying to be optimistic about the weather.


This is Angelo Island a great view from the boat. It did get rocking & rolling during the night a few time due to tows.


Bryce just loves his new Hydraulic jet-ski lift. 


It is totally unbelievable how relaxed George is on this trip. I really think he missed traveling when we ended our last time around. 


These Canoers are traveling  the Mississippi. There are times you will see many Kayakers too cruising the rivers. There are a lot of sandy beaches for them to put up their tents.


After hearing of the passing of our dear friend and Brother-n-law Bill Phillips. I really didn’t put much effort into my camera  yesterday. There better be a dancing room up in heaven because Bill could dance. I remember watching Bill and Sheila on the dance floor; they were amazing.  We will sorely miss our Friend and Brother-n-law. Thanks for lighting up our lives.


This is Bill as a “Duck Tape” at one of our Halloween Parties.  He was always great fun to be with.


Our current position at 


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