Preparing to Leave Memphis

OM.Gosh.. after we returned our car rental We decided we should explore Main street by way of a  pedestrian bridge. This is a huge bridge. It crosses over the canal between Mud Island and Memphis. Main street was very quaint. You really can see the history in the buildings. The street was lined with cobble stones with a trolley track nestled between the stones. This town is so neat. Even if you don’t do the Mississippi come by car.   For those traveling the Mississippi, Memphis is a must stop.  And the Mud Island Marina is the place to stop as it provides walking access to so much.

This picture was taken from the walk way.  Beauty is tucked in front of the office.  This is a very cool marina.


This is the pedestrian bridge that links the Marina to Main street Memphis. Under the walk way is a mono-rail trolley to transport people back and forth if you prefer not to walk.  They had just repaired it today.


The walk from the bridge to main street takes you through this park.


Water fountain in the park. It was a beautiful day.


If I only had the body for this…


I haven’t seen a pay phone in years. It is .50 cents to make a call. I remember .10 cents


You can see the rails for the trolley.  Apparently the Trolley is shut down to repair the road.  No cars are allowed on Main Street.


We walked in this colorful place to get an ice cream cone.


We noticed the unusual mural art work on the side of a building.


Restaurants galore.. They have all types of food anything you are hungry for.  Main street must be a mile long.


I like these horse and carriages.


We were walking back to the marina loved this view. 


Hello my name is Inger.. I am the bookkeeper and I also do this and that. Inger is a real sweetheart.  Thanks for all your help doll. 


Andy is the Harbor Master. I can’t say enough good things about him. Andy you and your team have become like family to us over the last 6 days. We will miss you all.


Thanks foe following us! Red rose

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