Leaving Memphis to Mile Marker 695 Back on The Lower Mississippi

As we untied our lines and said our goodbyes, we could really feel the Autumn air. It wasn’t long before we ran into the storm. It gusted winds to 25 mph on the river. It was so cold, I had to breakout the long Johns for us. Funny, as I looked on Facebook, I noticed some of our family members were dealing with the first snow of the season. We needed to get moving south again. I see how easy it can be to stop moving on a trip like this. You find a place you like and it’s hard to motivate one self to leave. The rain came in so heavy with the blowing winds we could hardly see any tows. We knew we needed to find an anchorage soon.  We motored 40 miles and anchored at Mile Marker 695 for the night between two groynes. It was a nice spot.

Leaving the Memphis Canal Mud Island Marina


Here was three bridges right next to each other. All over a hundred feet of clearance.


This semi truck was unloading his box onto the barge.


This poor casino ran aground. Wonder what happened?


Winter coat, long Johns and blanket. I am in my favorite spot looking for anything unusual floating in the water. Of course when it’s not camouflaged by waves. It’s hard to see floating timber when the winds are blowing. The timber seems to hide in the brownish waves.   


One of the tows passed us are we were anchoring.  This is the famous Mississippi owned by the Army Core Of Engineers.  When it was built, it was the biggest tow.


Here is a mural of the Mississippi that we saw at Hickman.


See or position at http://trackmytour.com/35L17


Thanks for following us! Red rose

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