Lower Mississippi Mile Marker 695 to Mile Marker 623

After we anchored in the evening, the first thing I do is start dinner. We are both normally hungry. While I was messing around in the galley, Bryce poked his head down the companionway and said, “you have to come see this”. On the river, it looked like an expressway of tows. There were 4 tows/barges, two in each direction passing. Beauty didn’t wiggle at all when they went by.  So it was a good anchorage.

We woke up early this morning wanting to leave at dawn. As the sun raised, Bryce noticed we had two south bound tows and one north bound tow passing us. He wanted to wait for them to clear out before we pulled up anchor.  What a difference a day makes. It might not be too warm out, but the sun was bright and warm. We ran our Furnace all night to keep the morning chill off us. I don’t like doing that because I don’t like using the propane. However, it was cold enough. Weather man said 36 degrees last night. You bet your bottom dollar we are happy to be heading south. We passed and were passed by a numerous tows with barges today.

Here is an Army Corp of Engineers tow headed to an upstream dredging.


This vessel name is Mark Staab.  We passed and were passed by this tow a few times over the last few days. The captain came out to wave to us. Smile


The lower Mississippi is just a wide open river.  Very easy to navigate.


Here is Helena Bridge; US 49. This bridge is huge. It’s over a 100 feet tall. 


It was so cool to see these two tows passing each other. It looked at one point like they were going to hit. But of course it was an optical illusion.


The Army Corp of Engineers was busy reinforcing the dyke here.


This guy is canoeing down the Mississippi. I yelled out to him just to see how he was doing.  These guys normally start in Minnesota and paddle down to New Orleans.  The Mississippi has a number of whirlpools.  Most of you know what I am talking about.  Because I always say they could suck me into a new dimension.  I have read that they are very dangerous to go near with a kayak or canoe.


George is really relaxing..


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