Lower Mississippi Greensville to Mile Marker 499

I woke up and turned on my lap top only to stare at a blank screen. I listened to the sounds around me. The coffee perking, Ice maker making ice for the day and bread cooking. What do I write about today? I asked myself. The rain and winds stopped me from taking photos yesterday, so I don’t have anything to write about. Wait!!! I have one picture of the Greensville bridge crossing over the Lower Mississippi.

Talk about Greensville, As we motored out of Lake Ferguson it was raining and the winds piped up off and on all day. I was asked once about the turbulence and whirl pools on the river. Both the upper Mississippi and the lower Mississippi have this turbulence and either way what I call them whirlpools. The first five miles or so after pulling out of the lake going south was full of turbulence. After we passed the Greensville bridge they seemed to have chilled a bit.

The Greensville Bridge is around 120 feet tall. This is the new bridge. It took 16 years from the initial developing stage 1994 to August 4, 2010 when the bridge opened. The older bridge had to be taken down. In 1950 the old bridge was hit by an Air Force plane, The bridge remained structurally sound. However, after many years of getting hit by tows and barges the bridge had to be replaced. 


We anchored for the night on an inside bend of the river.  We prefer inside bends because the bottom is sandy, the current is lower and the tows slow down for the bends.  We anchored way inside a set of green buoys at mile marker 499 off a nice sandy shoreline. The water depth is 15.5 feet. Our current is 1.9 mph water temp is 60.6 degrees. Our latitude is 32.9381 longitude –91.0764  There wasn’t any sunshine yesterday; only rain and wind. Theses are the days we are thankful for our enclosure.


We are slowly making our way south. We hope to be in Vicksburg MS by the weekend. Our most current position and a short blub with pictures is at https://trackmytour.com/35L17  Each night I post where we are anchored or if we are in a marina. It’s hard to believe that we have been gone 2 months and one week already.


George is doing well. He seems to have adjusted well to being back on the boat.  He sleeps a lot.  He looks quite fat here.. must be the good life.


As always thanks for following us.Red rose

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